‘Sister Wives’: Browns In Big Financial Trouble As Their Las Vegas Homes Get Stuck & Price Drop

Sister Wives

In the preview clip for Sunday’s episode, we can see that the Sister Wives family is discussing their real estate situation. They have been draining financially due to the Vegas homes stuck in stagnancy. Let’s take a look at the next set of actions the Brown family might take.

Sister Wives: Wives Discuss Financial Matters

We can see the wives discuss financial matters. Janelle is shocked at Christine’s suggestion to lower the price of the house by $40,000. We can see Robyn exhausted by the discussion. In the next shot, the camera shows Kody telling the wives that if they don’t take action immediately, they will get caught up.

Sister Wives

Meri says that things are unraveling really fast. Kody says that if the houses don’t sell, the family might have to move back to Vegas. In the end, Robyn seems to be pissed at Kody. For a long time, the Brown family patriarch has been swinging between ideas. He pitched in the suggestion of all the wives living under the same roof. Everyone rejected that idea, but in one of the recent episodes, he pitched in again.

Sister Wives: Kody’s Idea of One Big House

When Kody brought out the idea of all wives living in a single house, he referred to the home as ‘my house.’ Robyn caught a note of his words, and they didn’t go well with her. It seemed like he was inviting the wives and kids after deciding that there will be one big house for all.

Sister Wives

After seeing the design, we can say that space is more than necessary. There are only three kids in the family who are below the age of 15 years. So, by the time the house is ready, the kids are likely to ship off to college. It seems like the house would have offered an excellent place for the Sister Wives to raise their kids about two decades ago.

Now, there is a possibility that the storyline of the house might have been to create drama. After all, there is a lot of hype and discussions about Kody’s plan on social media.

Sister Wives: Was The ‘One Big House’ Storyline Really a Hoax? Stepping Into The Reality

Once on the show, Kody said that they were looking forward to building homes on Coyote Pass. Yes, that’s right. Plural. This means that he was prepared to build different homes for each wife. Moreover, the size of the rooms was relatively smaller than the ones they were living in Vegas.

Right now, we can say that only three kids are young enough to enjoy some time in the supposedly big house. But who is to say that the Brown family is over here? Kody is ever ready to have more kids. Moreover, Robyn has not really closed all doors to having a new child.

What do you think is going to happen with the Brown family? Let us know in the comments below. Stay tuned for more Sister Wives updates.

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