The Bachelor: Is Demi Burnett The Vicious Villain of Season 23?

The Bachelor

In every season of The Bachelor, there is one contestant that always attracts the maximum controversy. Same goes with the Bachelor Season 23. Demi Burnett is stirring up tension and is under controversies. Even though all ladies are each others’ competitors, Demi is going out of the way to cause chaos in the mansion. She doesn’t care much about what the other participants think of her as long as she gets her way.

Demi Burnett: The Latest Villain On The Bachelor

If we talk about bold divas on the sets of reality shows, Demi Burnett is definitely going to top the list. This is evident from the group date episode where she joined Colton Underwood in a passionate kiss when she ran offstage after the Bachelor. Even in the second episode, she boldly kissed him in front of all the other contestants.

Even though a massive audience was watching Demi Burnett kiss the bachelor boldly, she didn’t seem to care. Apparently, from these two incidents, one thing about Demi is pretty clear. She doesn’t give a damn about the consequences of her actions as long she has a moment with Colton.

The Bachelor: Demi Burnette and The Controversy With The Rose

In the episode where the cast went to a group outing, Demi didn’t hesitate for a moment before pursuing what she wanted. She boldly went after Colton and asked him whether they could spend some time in private together. To everyone else’s dismay, Colton seemed to be impressed by the young lady’s confidence.

But her one action surprised the other girls as well as the audience. Out of nowhere, she picked up the group date rose and proclaimed it as hers. It is safe to say that this action was somewhat aggressive on her behalf.

Tracy Shapoff, another bachelorette from the show pointed out her rude behavior to which Demi apologized. But later when she called Tracy a hater, it was clear that the apology was fake. Demi says that she is aware of what she is fighting for and she isn’t giving up so easy!

The Bachelor: When Demi Overpowered The Cocktail Party

In the second episode featuring a cocktail, she interrupted the conversation between Tracy and Colton and asked him for some private time. Of course, her action didn’t go well with others, but she was adamant on having her moment with the bachelor. Once they were away from the crowd, she gave him a relaxing massage.

Demi also mentioned cleverly that if the two of them happen to be in a romantic relationship, this was going to be the scene every night. She stole Tracy’s time with Colton that brought her into tears. When Demi approached Tracy, her friendly attempt didn’t go well.

Demi Won’t Stay For Long

Despite her bold moves, the bachelor won’t see Demi as his wife, and she is going to have to leave the show eventually. However, viewers will always remember her as the season 23 villain.


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