‘The Bachelor’ Episode 2 Spoilers: Colton’s Group Date Details

The Bachelor

Colton Underwood‘s date on the second episode of The Bachelor is sure to bring a jolt of excitement among the fans. It seems as though the bachelorettes are ready to compete for Colton’s attention. Fans can expect Colt to get acquainted with his first one-to-one romance in the upcoming episode. Here are some details as to what you can expect in the show.

Hannah Godwin, Tracy Shapoff, Demi Burnett, Nicole Lopez-Alvar, Onyeka Ehie, Brianna Barnes, Catherine Agro, and Elyse Dehlbom are going to be involved in Colton’s first group date.

The Bachelor: Kickoff For Colton Underwood’s Date

Regent Theater of Los Angeles is the location where the date is going to take place. Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally are also going to be present on the date. The girls will reveal a ‘first’ in their lives in which Elyse Dehlbom will be the contestant to win the group date rose.

Hannah Brown and Colton Underwood

According to reports the first one on one date with Colt will be awarded to Hannah Brown. Until the episode goes live, what is going to happen on the date is still the biggest mystery among fans. Although a major twist in the story is that the date is going to happen on Hanna’s birthday. In the end, Colton will give her the rose which will mark her moving forward automatically to the next round.

In 2018, the Tuscaloosa beauty won the title of Miss Alabama. She also competed for Miss USA alongside Caelynn Miller-Keyes. Even though Hannah didn’t win, she was quite a tough competition. She is currently working as an interior designer.

The Bachelorettes’ Love Relay For Colton Underwood

Heather Martin, Katie Morton, Caelynn Miller-Keyes, Alex Blumberg, Tayshia Adams, Caitlin Clemmens, Cassie Randolph, Sydney Lotuaco, Courtney Curtis, Nina Bartula, Erika Mcnutt, and Kirpa Sudick are going to be on the second group date with Colton.

Besides competing for Colt’s attention and striving to be the best in the eyes of the bachelor, the girls are going to take the episode to a whole new level. Games such as badminton, football, and cornhole are going to add to the fun element in the date. Some other activities include wheelbarrowing, relay race while holding an egg on a spoon, three-legged races, canoe race, and a tug of war.

The Bachelor – Colt Underwood’s Second Rose

The highlight of the evening is going to be the special kiss between Heather Martin and Colton Underwood. The interesting fact that acts as a similarity between the two of them are that both are virgins. Moreover, Heather Martin hasn’t even kissed a guy! The vibrant San Diego is no less than her competitors. It is evident by the news that she is the contestant rewarded the second rose. The beauty is a daredevil and loves to explore adventurous activities such as bungee jumping, skydiving, and river-rafting.

The divas are going to leave no stones unturned to impress Colton. Last, but not the least, the quest for love will come to a halt in this episode with a talent show.