Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Brady Blackmails Eric, Stefan Confronts Chloe

Days of Our Lives Spoilers

According to Days of Our Lives spoilers, people of Salem will face some pivotal confrontations. Their love and loyalty will be tested and soon people will know whom to trust and whom not to. Whereas other DOOL spoilers suggest that Leo will show his true self. He is not a person who will sit quietly as things unfold. With so much at stake, things are about to get serious

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Leo Will Show His True Colors

When Leo takes things into his hands by threatening Will and Sonny, he will finally show his true colors. This could suggest that he is not at all taking the annulment in a mature manner. He is not the man who sits behind and watch things pass by. If he feels hurt in any way, he will get even with the person which means that Sonny and his lover would have to be really careful.

Meanwhile, Ciara is shaken after the shooting but this is nothing when she sees that Ben is injured. Needless to say, even when he tells her that he is okay, she will still be worried and will fret over things. But one good thing that happened is that the pair finally stand a chance. They are together and now they can love, care and be there for each other.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Brady Blackmails Eric

As the spoilers say, Brady will blackmail Eric in order to get Chloe Lane out of the DiMera mansion. He does not want her to stay with him any longer and will do everything he can in his power. But to do this, he will need Eric’s help and he knows just how to get it.

Brady caught Eric kissing his brother Rex’s girlfriend, Sarah Horton at the hospital. Now he will use this piece of information to his advantage, saying that if Eric does not help him then he will tell Rex all about the kiss in the chapel at the hospital.

Due to the blackmail, Eric will be forced to join hands with him. He will try to persuade Chloe to move out of the DiMera mansion. But has anything been this easy on DOOL? Eric will face trouble to execute his plan because Chloe has started feeling for Stefan. What’s more, is that they even kissed further deepening feelings for each other. It is because of this bond that she has agreed to stay in while DiMera tries to protect her from El Fideo’s men.

But there is a twist to the story. Sources have it that Stefan will confront Chloe after he catches her kissing Brady red-handed. Needless to say, he will be very jealous and will plan to get him out of the equation. Trying everything they can, the two men obviously share a soft spot for Chloe and will aim to get her.

So, it is wise to say that the latest episode of DOOL will be charged with emotions, drama, and tension. What do you think will happen when Stefan confronts Chloe? Will he be heartbroken in the end? Stay tuned with TV Season Spoilers to get Days of Our Lives Spoilers and updates for upcoming episodes.

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