Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Cops Detain Haley, Tripp Doubts Claire

Days of our lives spoilers

]According to Days of Our Lives Spoilers, Tripp will doubt Claire. He is wondering how did the cops come to know about Haley. He promised that he would save her, but he wasn’t able to. The police arrived to arrest and take her in. Tripp will obviously want to have some answers, and this is why he will question Claire.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: How Did The Police Find Haley?

Haley was hiding in Tripp’s loft because she feared that the cops would send her out of the United States. In the beginning, Claire seemed okay with the plan, but when the truth is that the history threatens Claire Tripp and Haley shared. She would do anything to eliminate competition when it came to his attention. So, when Claire left for work and came back, the plan to hide Haley quickly went down the drain. Jack showed up at the doorsteps with the cops, detaining Haley. This gave Jack the photo opp he needed for his mayoral campaign.

Needless to say, Tripp is furious when all of this happened. He wanted to know how the word got out anyhow. Even though he would not think that Claire had something to do with it but that does not mean that he will not question her. As the Days of Our Lives Spoilers say, he will soon be asking her about the whole ordeal. When this happens, Claire will defend herself, and it will only strengthen Tripp’s doubt. He will think that she is lying to him. And, that there is more to things than she is letting on. He thinks like this because he finds there is something fishy about Claire. She was called to work only to be sent back home afterward. Haley gets arrested as soon as she is back home.

DOOL spoilers say that she didn’t go to work. Instead, she went and informed Eve about Haley’s whereabouts. But there is more to this twist. Turns out that Claire has more secrets to keep. She had already lied to Tripp about the lighter he found. She used this lighter to set the cabin on fire, almost killing Ciara. With time, Tripp might realize how many stories she has spun and who exactly is she.

What will happen when Tripp finds out Claire was behind Haley’s arrest? Will he dig deeper? Stay tuned with TV Season Spoilers to get Days of Our Lives Spoilers and updates for upcoming episodes.


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