General Hospital: Garren Stitt Talks About His Journey & Exit As Oscar

General Hospital

One of the most heartbreaking moments on General Hospital has been Oscar’s demise. Even though his entire family and loved ones knew that his death was coming, they were devastated to their core. Last month, the character of Oscar passed away from a brain tumor. Oscar’s mother’s entire life had been revolving around her son. Drew barely got to know his boy before he left them all. Josslyn, Oscar’s girlfriend was heartbroken as well.

It has been a while since Oscar Nero’s character passed away and the actor made his exit from the blockbuster daily soap. Since then, he has experienced nothing but love from fans who have praised him for the excellent job he has done playing Oscar.

General Hospital: Garren Stitt’s Conversation With Soap Opera Digest

Garren revealed in an interview that he has been receiving a lot of love from fans. They have been upset over his exit from General Hospital. He has been getting numerous messages online from different people. Most of them are sharing incidents of when they lost someone and how difficult it was for them. The actor sympathizes with them and includes them in his prayers. He mentions that the entire cast of General Hospital has been extremely supportive. He had a really nice run and he is going to miss them all. This is the main reason it became so hard for him to leave the show in the end.

Stitt’s Last Episode Was His Favorite

Every actor has a favorite when it comes to picking episodes. Despite Garren’s character was going to die in the episode, he liked shooting for the episode very much and had a nice time on the set. Even if it’s not the favorite, it’s definitely among the favorites. He likes everything from editing to camera work. The actors and actresses gave a remarkable performance and nailed the episode. He is grateful to be a part of it.

The had only a day or two to film parts of three to four episodes. It was a lot of hard work but definitely worth it. The entire time was filled with challenges but he liked it all.

Oscar’s demise has definitely set the stage for an interesting storyline ahead. however, things are not unfolding as soon as fans thought they would. Kim and Drew are somehow trying to cope with their son’s death. Josslyn’s father Jasper is back in down to console his daughter. however, he is going to stay for a while and has other reasons to stay in town too. What do you think will happen next on General Hospital? Let us know in the comments below. Stay tuned to TV Season Spoilers for latest General HospitalSpoilers and updates.

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