General Hospital Spoilers: Coming and Goings for March 2019

General Hospital Spoilers

According to General Hospital Spoilers, there will be many faces that will be leaving and joining the General Hospital. One of the characters leaving is Time Winters. He recently wrapped up the shoot as Dr. Arthur Cabot who is connected to a mystery virus. Kelsey Wang will come back as Daisy Kwan

General Hospital Spoilers: Kelsey Wang Will Reprise Her Character as Daisy Kwan

Speculations say that Daisy will have an important talk with Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco). It is still not clear whether Sam will contact Daisy or will it be the other way around? She took responsibility for taunting Sam about her past, and she was banished by Shiloh. But Sam is still not buying whatever Daisy is saying. She is ready to push Daisy till she cracks or things might go in a different direction which would involve Sam sharing the real truth. Whatever is in store, one thing is sure that Sam will be worried about Kristina Corinthos-Davis (Lexi Ainsworth). She will go to an extent to track down her little sister to warn her off.

Sofia Mattsson and Tristan Rogers Are Back

GH spoilers say that Sofia Mattsson and Tristan Rogers are coming back. But who knows for how long will Sasha and Robert will be around Port Charles? Along with Felicia, Mac, and Lucy present in the front and the center. There will be an added twist with the Ryan storyline coming to an end with Kristina Wagner, John York, and Lynn Herring.

Trina Might End Up Getting Severely Injured In A Car Accident

Trina (Sydney Mikayla) will be heading to Niagara Falls along with Josslyn, Oscar, and Cameron. There are chances that Trina might end up as a kidney donor for Jordan after she gets gravely injured in a car accident. There is also the possibility that Dr. Cabot who had left the show will be back again.

GH Spoilers: Oscar Might Die As His Cancer is in Remission

Rumors have it that Matt Cohen might be leaving GH as Dr. Griffin Munro. Along with Oscar who might die in the car accident just when his cancer is in remission. Although there is no confirmation about Garren Stitt leaving. It would create quite the havoc if it were true. Meanwhile, Ryan seems to be eager to leave town with Ava because Franco and Jordan are struggling for their lives.

Dominic Zamprogna To Come Back as Dante Falconeri

Since the news broke, fans have been celebrating this news, even though he is back for a short arc. Determined to give his character the much-needed closure, Dom is all set for his return. In the meantime, Sonny is out in Turkey to look for his son.

General Hospital Spoilers: Jacks Will Be Back

GH spoilers indicate that Jasper “Jax” Jacks will be back to Port Charles. This is yet another return to the show which the fans will like. Although it is not clear when Ingo Rademacher return begin his shoot but it seems that it will be pretty soon.

Brytni Sarpy who played the role of Valerie Spencer will now be a part of Young and The Restless. She will play a meaty role as Elena Dawson. GH aired the last scenes featuring Valerie on February, 14. Whosever comes back or leaves, one thing is for sure, fans are in for a real roller coaster ride. Stay tuned to TV Season Spoilers for latest General Hospital Spoilers and updates.

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