‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Lulu’ Helping Hand, Mac Sabotage Ava’s Plan

General Hospital Spoilers

According to General Hospital Spoilers, there is no character in the daily soap whose life seems to be stable at present. Lulu’s life is falling apart. She has no idea what she can expect from an impending custody battle for Charlotte. Meanwhile, Mac is creating kinks in Ava and Kevin’s masterplan to bring Ryan Chamberlain out of his hiding place. Let’s take a look at General Hospital Spoilers for the upcoming episodes in detail.

General Hospital Spoilers: What’s Going On In Lulu’s Life?

Lulu’s husband has left her because of all the dangers surrounding him. He can’t be with Lulu knowing that she is the one who can become victim to those dangers too. Valentin is someone Lulu can’t stand. Yet, she has a little daughter with him even though she didn’t know about her. Even though she has got Charlotte, for now, Valentine has made it clear that she won’t have her forever. Lulu doesn’t know what she can expect of a man as vicious as Valentine. She also wants to help Kristina. But it is highly unlikely that anyone will let her lend a helping hand.

Will Mac Sabotage Kevin And Ava’s Plan For Exposing Ryan?

After learning that Ryan ended Kiki’s life, Ava is determined to make him suffer. However, Mac is creating major hurdles in the execution of her master plan. Even Kevin was reluctant at first. But then he realized that the only way to bring Ryan out of hiding is to pretend that Ava is involved with someone else. For that, Kevin is the perfect match. However, possibilities are, their plan can face a lot of obstacles even before it is put into action.

Mac is furious about Kevin jeopardizing Felicia’s life in this process. When he learns that she is also involved, he might try to stop the team from executing the whole thing.

Oscar May Pass Away Before The Performance

Oscar and Josslyn have been preparing for their performance together. Unfortunately, there are chances that he might pass away before they get to perform. But he is doing his best to keep Joss from facing the massive heartbreak. Meanwhile, Joss lashes out at Cam. Is it because she is stressed out due to what she is facing or there is something else that got her all worked up?

What’s Going on In General Hospital?

How do you think Julian will feel about Alexis falling for Neil? The exes are unable to make it work only because of their work and some other differences. In the meantime, Sam is trying to fool Shiloh, which, let’s face it, is not a piece of cake. She has to be really careful. It is highly recommended for her that she gets all the information required and get the hell out of there. If not, a small mistake can lead to her sister becoming a victim. Stay tuned to TV Season Spoilers for latest General Hospital Spoilers and updates.