General Hospital Spoilers: Sonny Looks for Dante, Lulu Remembers Everything

General Hospital Spoilers

According to General Hospital Spoilers for March 4, Lulu is trying to put her memory regarding the night of her attack. Maxie, Mac, and Felicia come to help her out through this problem. Whereas, Carly will confront Kevin in the hospital’s parking lot. And, Ryan will end up tossing her in the trunk in order to get to Canada along with Ava. On the verge of being exposed, Ryan is heading towards some stressful events. Sonny will take it on himself to find his only son.

 General Hospital Spoilers: Ava Makes Some Shocking Discovery

Ava is really excited because she is about to marry the person, she loved the most. But the soon to be bride is in for some drama. GH spoilers indicate that due to a certain turn of event, Ava will be left shocked. Leaving the fans to speculate whether it will be related to Ryan’s exposure or finding Carly in the trunk? Sonny Corinthos will land in a dangerous situation

General Hospital spoilers hint that Sonny Corinthos will land in some dangerous situation, forcing him to rethink his strategy regarding his plan. He meets some shady looking men and ends up turning the table on them (quite literally). He does this because he hears something that he didn’t want to. Now the question is was it about Dante? Or maybe the fact that he found himself in the middle of a drug deal.

GH Spoilers: Things Become Difficult in Turkey for Sonny

Meanwhile, Sonny decides to travel to Turkey in order to find his missing son Dante Falconeri. He has been undercover for months because he is helping the WSB to get a hold of the criminal Raj Patel. Raj had tried to murder Lulu back then.

It is obvious that he is looking for Dante to bring him back after Ryan Chamberlain tried to murder his wife. Sources suggest that when he does find his son, things will take a complicated turn.

Dante is held captive by one of the shady people. Sonny loses his temper when he realizes that people are playing mind games over his only son. He receives an ominous message, warning him to stay out the mess. He doesn’t know what he is getting into. But given his intention, he is not the one to back out.

General Hospital Spoilers: Elizabeth is Worried About Franco; Jason Looks for Carly

Elizabeth is anxious for Franco but the spoilers hint that this week she will have new worries to stress over related to Cameron. He will probably end up in a car accident with other teens as being anticipated by the audience. As Jason is looking for Carly, Sonny is hell-bent on finding Dante. Whereas, Curtis goes through a tough time.

Kim receives a call which leaves her upset

In this week’s episode, Kim will get an upsetting call. Laura and Kevin will also come up with an escape plan in order to get out of Ferncliff basement. Meanwhile, things will reel in for Shiloh, Sam, Kristina, and Daisy too.

There comes a point where Sonny is told that Dante is dead which fans know that it isn’t true. With so much in store, GH will create a frenzy among the fans. Stay tuned to TV Season Spoilers for latest General Hospital Spoilers and updates.

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