General Hospital Spoilers: The Most Awaited Reunion Has Arrived!

General Hospital

General Hospital is a show filled with unexpected plot turns. As for this week’s spoilers, we can say that steamy reunions are making the highlight of the show. Speaking of which, a massive load of drama is expected on General Hospital this week. Not to mention, unexpected storylines will top the charts in the upcoming episodes.

Most of the GH fans have been waiting for a while for the intense reconnection between Sam McCall and Jason Morgan. The Port Charles tour of Josslyn Jacks and Oscar Nero took a horrible turn. This is when the duo is going to come to their rescue and provide an astonishing and unforgettable moment on the screen. Jason and Sam will then come to the realization that life is too short for complications. This will also lead them to succumb to their passion.

Finally, they will end up at Sam’s place and make love. Not only this, according to the writers, there is a lot more on the way of these stars. With all the chemistry at its peak point, are you excited about what more could come in the ways of the couple?

Ryan Discovers a New Victim In General Hospital

One of the most chilling moments on the show is when Ryan finds a new victim and endangers another life. But what if the victim is another beloved character on General Hospital?

In the middle of all the drama, Ryan Chamberlain is all set to endanger more lives. He has his new set of victims ready. Carly Corinthos and Sonny Corinthos were his original targets unless a distraction came along. Lulu Falconeri is one of those characters who has enticed Ryan’s interest and distracted her from pursuing her victims. She is soon going to pay Lulu a visit and things are going to turn out really interesting.

Another incident that is going to add more spice to the already interesting situation is that Ryan is going to savor the moment. How she is going to manage to do that will be worth watching. Do you think Ryan has found the next victim?

What Are Other Port Charles Residents Up To?

If we talk on a predictable note, Carly Corinthos heart-shattering moment was inevitable. She is going to get her heart crushed. Laura Webber is expected to spend an enormous amount of time consoling her granddaughter. Mike Corbin is expected to continue slipping away. Alexis Davis is going to receive some of Sam’s concern and the viewers will see the formation of a bond here. Willow Tait is expected to be vulnerable and Peter August is going to be in the police custody for a while. Elizabeth Webbe will be Kim Nero’s support system.

What Do you think this week’s episodes have got for the fans? If you don’t wish to miss a single moment of intense action and drama, stay hooked to your screens for the upcoming episodes of General Hospital.

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