General Hospital Spoilers: What Happens When Dante Comes Back?

General Hospital Spoilers

According to General Hospital Spoilers, Jason Morgan is still angry with Shiloh Archer. Keeping him in a chokehold, he will watch life slip out of him. But good for Shiloh, Sam McCall will reach the location just in time to save him from this unfortunate turn of events. As soon as she reaches, she stops Jason from killing Shiloh. Given what Jason did, he gets arrested and is taken away.  What’s important to note is that Sam is too far into her plan and will take Shiloh side whenever required.

General Hospital Spoilers: Maxie is Happy to Have Dante Back

While doing some digging, it turns out that Dante and Lulu will talk to Maxie Jones. Happy to have him back, Maxie feels that it is about time Dante came back. But things will take a dire turn from there. He will be really furious when he comes to know that Maxie is getting close to Peter August. So, when things move differently, he goes ahead and tells her that he is not at all pleased seeing Peter hanging out with Nathan West’s son. Moreover, during his mission, something happened which changed him. Something in him just went off.

He worked hard to prove his loyalty for months at a stretch to the WSB as an undercover for Raj. This would mean that he no longer knows how to save the lives of innocent people. During his time in Turkey, he did some unspeakable things which have changed him as a person. Judging by the scars on his back, one can guess that he sustained a lot of physical torture. And, those times are coming back to haunt him.

General Hospital Spoilers: What Happened to Dante?

Dante joined the WSB in order to get through to Raj’s cartel organization and eventually take him down. The reason behind this mission was that Raj tried to kill Lulu Spencer years ago and since then he is looking for ways to get justice. But have things ever gone as planned? After he went to Turkey, Falconeri somehow went rogue from the spy organization, reeking hell for himself and the people around him.

Whatever be the case, if he had to get the job done, he had to persuade Raj that he indeed brought his evil side to the game. Needless to say, Raj didn’t trust him at first so to win him over, Dante locked the ex-PCPD cop and tortured him. Even though this was done with a purpose, he is not able to rid himself of the guilt. It clearly affects him. Sources have it that because of all this, he is suffering from PTSD. His thoughts always take him back. The situation has escalated so much that he does not feel comfortable in his skin anymore and is the victim of his own actions.

This time, it is indeed very sad for Dante. The question is will he be able to get through this? Or, will the guilt eat him alive? Let us know what your thoughts are about the storyline in the comment section down below. Stay tuned to TV Season Spoilers for latest General Hospital Spoilers and updates.

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Sara Forman

Loving this storyline. DZ is such an incredible actor and plays off Sonny, Olivia, Michael, Lulu… so well. This storyline has brought me back to GH. It feels so heavy and so real unlike so much soapy stuff. I wish there was a way to lure DZ back.