The 6 Most Loved Couples On ‘The Young And The Restless’ – Who Is Your Favourite?

Every soap opera fan loves an intense love story. ‘The Young and The Restless’ has been giving us our daily dose of romance for years. It’s high time we acknowledged the best couples on the show responsible for giving us the best entertainment value of our time. Some of them give fans serious couple goals. On that note, let us take a look at some of the most powerful couples on the show that we can’t ignore while mentioning Young and The Restless.

Most Favorite Couples On ‘The Young And The Restless’

6. Nick And Sharon

The Young And The Restless

Nick and Sharon’s love story began when they were in high school. They got married and managed to stay together for a considerable amount of time. Both of them are constantly looking out for each other. Even though they have found love with other people for quite some time, they never fail to express concern for each other.

5. Victor and Nikki

The Young And The Restless

Even though we might love Jack and Nikki together, her underhandedness at times makes us fall for Nikki and Victor as a couple. She is the only one who can influence him in a good way and can keep his behavior in check. Even though they fight a lot, she doesn’t seem to be afraid of him. They always manage to preserve the bond and their family. The fact that they can work together despite the lack of rationality makes their bond even more special.

4. Jack and Phyllis

The Young And The Restless

Even though Phyllis is currently with Jack’s younger brother Billy, we loved Jack and Phyllis together! She is way too mature for Billy, and it seems pretty clear that Jack and Phyllis were more suited for each other. They were undoubtedly the power couple even though their relationship lacked simplicity. They had a lot to offer one another. Even though Jack is single now, Phyllis is indeed wasting her time with Billy.

3. Victoria and Billy

The Young And The Restless

Speaking of Phyllis being too mature for Billy, Victoria is the perfect balance in this situation. She is way more sure of herself than Phyllis and is more suited for Billy. Victoria and Billy were short-lived, but they seemed perfect with each other. When Billy is with Victoria, he can easily take over the role of a sincere caregiver. The bond doesn’t seem that strong when he is with Phyllis.

2. Lauren and Michael

The Young And The Restless

Despite 11 years of ups and downs, Lauren and Michael know how to hold it together. Despite all their battles with affairs, parenthood and every possible factor that tarnishes relationships, they have overcome all challenges and held tight to their relationship. They managed to stay together but not in a boring way. The couple’s rocky road together was sufficient to keep The Young And The Restless fans entertained.

1. Christine and Paul

The Young And The Restless

Christine and Paul are one of those couples whose relationship is a combination of romance, mystery, adventures and lots of love! Their careers and rivals kept them apart form some time, but as of now, the duo is stronger than ever.

Which among these The Young And The Restless couples is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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