Agents Of Shield Season 7: Framework Is Around, Elizabeth’s Revelation & Release

Agents Of Shield Season 7

The allies are back to protect humanity. The ABC network made way for Agents Of Shield Season 7 after looking at the increasing viewership. The future of the series looked bright to the producers. Therefore, they announced the renewal even before the sixth season started airing. One more reason they did not hesitate to shoot Agents Of Shield Season 7Β early was the contract negotiations with the cast. It would have helped a lot in cost-cutting. Fans cannot get enough of this mind-blowing series and would desperately wait for the next season to premiere.

The show is about a team led by S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Phil Coulson, who handles unusual cases. They investigate different enemies, also going through infiltration in their camp. There also comes a time when the team gets defeated, and Coulson tries to rebuild it by dealing with other inhuman obstacles. Then he succeeds in defeating his enemy Hydra with its leader Hive, and tracks down all possible adversaries. When the team gets abducted, they try to save the remnants of humanity by trying to reach home and prevent destruction.

Agents Of Shield Season 7: Is Framework Still Out There?

The show has grown its mythology from Inhumans to time-travel to a Ghost Rider. But one of the enthralling ideas was the Framework, a virtual reality. Professor Radcliffe, its creator, had a goal to build a virtual reality where we can avoid death by capturing the body and uploading the mind into it. The idea backfired, with contradictory motives and an insane artificial intelligence, created a twisted reality where Hydra had conquered the world. In the end, the Framework was apparently destroyed.

Agents Of Shield Season 7

But the fans saw in Season 6 that Framework is still present in computer systems. Radcliffe designed the Framework by spreading bits of coding across every computer system in the world. These parts survived to reconstruct sophisticated virtual environments. Now in Agents Of Shield Season 7, things might go out of control. And the consequences could include sophisticated brainwashing, enhanced interrogation, and on top of it, the possibility for people to transition from the Framework into the real world. A Framework reality could likely penetrate Earth.

Agents Of Shield Season 7: Elizabeth On Director Jesse Bochco

In an interview, Elizabeth commented on a few comedy scenes that she played. She said that it was with Chloe Bennet and credit goes to the director Jesse Bochco. He provided them with the freedom to go for it. She explained his thinking of having faith in the cast and not just agreeing for the sake of it. Those scenes with Chloe helped her bond well, and they had several deep conversations after that. She believes that comedy comes out the best when one feels secure, and she felt very safe with Chloe. Elizabeth stated that having a director like Jesse, she knew that even if something went wrong, it would all go well in the end.

Agents Of Shield Season 7

Agents Of Shield Season 7: Release Date & Production

The filming forΒ Agents Of Shield Season 7 began in February this year at California. So the fans can expect the show to premiere again by mid-2020 with its quota of 13 episodes. The core cast for the upcoming season will include Ming-Na Wen, Chloe Bennet, Iain De Caestecker, Elizabeth Henstridge, Henry Simmons, Natalia Cordova-Buckley, and Jeff Ward.


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