Arrow Season 8: Future Of The Series, New Spin-offs, Plot & Release Date

The Arrow Season 8
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The high rating and huge fan base did not leave much for the producers to ponder upon before renewing the show for Arrow Season 8. This comic book show, set in the Arrowverse, remains in continuation with other Arrowverse series maintaining a strong hold on other shows as well with its storyline. This year the show also won at the Leo Awards in the ‘The Best Stunt Coordination in a Dramatic Series’ category.

Arrow Season 8: The Last One, But Not The End

On the one hand, the fans got too excited on the quick renewal of the Arrow Season 8. While on the other hand, they will not feel good about this season being the last one of the series. Also, Arrow will be the first show in Arrowverse to end. The final season will most likely have only 10 episodes unlike 22 on the previous one. This may be because it would be focusing on the extended Arrowverse crossover event i.e., Crisis On Infinite Earths.

But here comes the catch. There is a strong possibility of a Spin-Off series set in Star City 2040. Official information is yet to come, but fans can count on this series to be one of the most exciting spin-offs from Arrow. And we can understand it by the creator’s way of holding on to Mia Connor, William, and Zoe till now. Showrunner Beth Schwartz also stated that “would love to see them go on in some capacity after the show’s over.” This goes on to show that the future is positive for the Star City heroes.

Arrow Season 8

What Is In Store For Oliver Queen?

The ride of the lead character’s journey has been like that of a roller coaster. At the beginning of Season 7, Oliver was shown in prison, but by half season, he got out on the streets searching for the new Green Arrow. After finding out that it was her half-sister, Emiko Queen, he could not gather some important information. Emiko was the leader of a terrorist group, North Circle, and is all set to destroy his family’s name.

Things would not go well for Team Arrow in the last season as most of them face criminal charges. Also, Felicity Smoak, who is pregnant with Oliver’s child would go into hiding from enemies like North Circle. Therefore, things are not looking good for Oliver as fans have speculated that he will die before the finale. Stephen Amell himself stated while playing Oliver Queen was “the greatest professional experience of my life” and that “you can’t be a vigilante forever”.

Arrow Season 8: Cast And Release Date

Arrow Season 8 is highly likely to premiere in fall this year. As per last year’s trends, the show will begin in mid-October 2019 with 10 episodes in the season. It will have a slot at 9 PM on Tuesdays, after The Flash. In the core cast, Emily Bett Rickards (Felicity Smoak) would not return for the ending. Rest all the team would probably be the same.

One significant change is the advent of David Joseph Jones as a series regular. He played the character of Connor Hawke, and in Season 7 flash-forwards, Diggle and Lyla had adopted him but was not explained how. But as it turns out, viewers were able to judge that Connor is actually the son of Ben Turner.

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