Black Lightning Season 3: Release Date & Plot, Will It Be The Last Season?

Black Lightning Season 3

The CW’s superhero show is soon to return to our screen. ‘Black Lightning Season 3’ was recently renewed in January 2019. The first season of the series generally received favorable reviews. However, viewers love the show and are waiting for the release of the third season.

The first season of the show premiered back in January 2018. A second season was soon released later in October of the same year. The action series is based on the DC Comics character Black Lightning. Cress Williams brilliantly plays the titular role of Black Lighting.

The story of the show revolves around Jefferson Pierce, a high school principal. Pierce retired from his job as the superhero and decided to devote his life to his family. However, after 9 years, circumstances force him to become the vigilant again. The series also stars China Anne McClain and Nafessa Williams as Jefferson’s daughters Lightning and Thunder.

Black Lightning Season 3

Black Lightning Season 3: Is It The Last Season?

Black Lightning’s first season was successful and gathered a large number of viewers that watched it till the end. However, the ratings and viewership substantially decreased by the second season. Moreover, half of the episodes couldn’t even cross the 1 million viewership mark. This threatens the future of the show as fans wonder if Season 3 will be the last season.

Moreover, many of The CW superhero shows have been slashed recently. This includes the popular series Arrow, which was canceled after its eighth season. Hence, Black Lightning is also under threats of cancellation. However, all of this depends upon how Black Lightning Season 3 turns out to be.

What Fans Will See In The Upcoming Season?

The second season of the show recently concluded, and it was full of emotional moments. Season 2 centers around the Green Light Babies. These children develop superpowers after being exposed to a street-drug called Green Light. The children met their fate by the end of the season.

Agent Odell (Bill Duke), now knows all the secrets of the Pierce family. Moreover, the previous season ended with him dropping a bomb on them. Freeland now awaits a war, and the new installment is going to be full of action. Agent Odell may have a more significant role in the next season.

Black Lightning Season 3

Markovia may try to invade Freeland in Black Lightning Season 3. Moreover, Agent Odell will be on the front lines of everything that’ll happen in the upcoming installment. He is also likely to keep a close eye on Lynn Stewart (Christine Adams) and her experiments. Moreover, he may even send metahumans from their pods to train. Season 3 is not going to be simple this time as hundreds of twists and turns are ready to emerge for the Pierce family.

Black Lightning Season 3: When Will It Release?

The makers of the show do not take long to renew the Superhero drama. The third season was confirmed months ahead of the finale of Season 2. Moreover, they declare the release on March 18, 2019, along with the telecast of Season 2’s last episode. We also know that the showrunners don’t delay the release of the series. The second season premiered just after a few months of Season 1’s finale.

This time as well, Black Lightning Season 3 would not take long and premiere soon by the Fall of 2019. Black Lightning’s official writers’ page announced the release on their Twitter. However, they are yet to declare a certain air date.

The CW’s Black Lightning is one of the most exciting superheroes shows on the network. It is packed with action and emotions. It is full of emotional moments, and the characters put life into the story. Fans love the Pierce family, and we hope that they do well in the next season.