Black Mirror Season 5 Spoilers: Everything About Rachel, Jack & Ashley Too

Black Mirror Season 5

“I’ll be here for you,” says Ashley Too and we don’t trust her at all. The final episode-wise trailers of Black Mirror Season 5 are finally out. The fifth season is set to have three episodes with three futuristic stories. Guess what? Who’s the star? Miley Cyrus and her mini-robot version, Ashley Too. Surprisingly, the new installment is as crazy as we imagined and here’s everything we know about it.

One of the three episodes called ‘Rachel, Jack And Ashley too’ is the craziest of them all. Starring Miley Cyrus, Angourie Rice, and Madison Davenport, the episode seems to have a high impact on fans. The internet is going crazy to know more about the upcoming season. Hence, for the fans, we have a detailed trailer breakdown of the episode. Who is Ashley, and what’s the secret behind the evil robot-doll? What’s going to happen next?

Black Mirror Season 5: Knock ’em down, Ashley

The major highlight of this episode is going to be our favorite pop-star, Miley Cyrus. She is playing a futuristic version of herself who’s in a much more darker world than we can imagine. Ashley is being given some kind of dangerous drugs. This messes with her mind, and we are shown a few scenes where she deals with depression and anxiety. Moreover, she is merely a source of income to all the people that accompany her.

Her story has a different arc. She struggles with her life and gets overwhelmed by everything that’s happening to her. To maintain her fame, she has to do a few things that she’s not ready for. One such thing is launching her own robot AI version, Ashley Too. Moreover, she later finds out that the doll is pretty dangerous.

Black Mirror Season 5: Rachel, You Look Incredible

Rachel, a beautiful normal girl who has no friends in real life. As per the trailer, her character is a bit introvert and socially-depressed. Hence, she finds her happiness in virtual and unreal things. The leading lady is a big fan of Ashley. Thus, when the pop-star launches her AI robot doll, she gets one for herself too. Although, at first Rachel loves Ashley Too and is happy to have a virtual friend that understands her.

Black Mirror Season 5

Ashley Too compliments her and Rachel seems pretty happy by the same. Also, the pink-wigged doll attempts to motivate her and fills almost every void she has in her life. However, after a while, Ashley Too starts malfunctioning, and the young lady freaks out. Will Rachel be able to deal with the doll? What is the Ashley Too up to?

Black Mirror Season 5: Believe In Yourself, Ashley Too

We’re all wondering what is this pink-haired doll up to in the next season. Season 5 entirely revolves around Ashley Too and the destruction it will bring with itself. Initially, it seemed to be a cute talking doll that’ll be there to motivate, compliment and accompany the owner. However, we later get to know that the robot is outrageous and has much more power than a home device must have. Moreover, it’s rightly said in the trailer that Ashley Too is not just a doll. It’s rather Poison, and we want to know more about it with the arrival of the fifth installment.

Black Mirror Season 5

When Will It Be Out?

Black mirror debuted back in 2011 and stands high in our list of best dark thrillers ever. The show travelled this far with four mind-blowing seasons, a special and an interactive film. The Black Mirror Season 5 has almost arrived and is set to premiere on June 5. Moreover, all of the three episodes will be released on Netflix.