Black Mirror Season 6: Sequels- “San Junipero,” “Hated In The Nation”

Black Mirror Season 6

Charlie Brooker has given us one of the finest stories and characters we can ever get. Well, we’d all agree that “San Junipero” and “Hated In The Nation” are some of the best Black Mirror episodes of all. Fans have been demanding for some worthy sequels for a while now. As of now, Black Mirror Season 6 is likely to have a significant sequel and a bunch of easter-eggs. Hence, here’s everything you need to know about them.

Black Mirror’s potential almost went unnoticed with its release back in 2011 on the British TV network, Channel 4. Though, it only got much recognition after being picked up by Netflix years later in 2015. In fact, upon its debut on the streaming giant, the show won loads of awards and appreciation from the audience. The anthology series is known for its unique take on the effects of technology in a rather dark and satirical tone.

Black Mirror Season 6

Black Mirror Season 6: Renewal

It’s been months since the fifth installment of the series premiered on Netflix. Since then, we haven’t heard anything major of its return. Although it’s pretty clear that the sci-fi show is set to have a renewal soon. Being one of the most appreciated shows on the streamer, Black Mirror has enough support from fans. Even if the showrunners take time to make an official announcement, we know it will somehow find its way to our screens again.

Luckily, the showrunners are confident about the series too. In fact, they’ve previously stated that they’re already thinking about making another installment. Show creator Charlie Brooker apparently has tones of ideas to paint Black Mirror Season 6. Well, since we almost know it’ll return, it’s now less painful to wait for an official renewal by Netflix.

Black Mirror Sequels

There have been a few Black Mirror episodes that surely deserve a return in the future. However, show creator Charlie Brooker isn’t pretty sure when to give us a sequel. He’s previously mentioned that he had ideas to make “White Bear” and “Be Right Back” sequels, but they’re unlikely to make it to the screens.

On the other hand, there are a few episodes that are highly in demand. However, Brooker isn’t really sure about making them as of now. Will Black Mirror Season 6 have a sequel? Will the fan-favorite characters return? Here’s everything to know.

San Junipero

Millions and millions of fans around the globe consider “San Junipero” to be one of the best episodes on the show. The story of the Season 3 episode is heartwarming and refreshing in its own way. Topped with beautiful characterizations and brilliant acting, San Junipero became our favorite. Since then, we’ve all been wanting Yorkie (Mackenzie Davis) and Kelly (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) to back somehow.

Black Mirror Season 6

Sadly, the couple may never return to our screens again. Upon its high demand, Brooker became vocal about his views on the story. He explains that he wants to keep Yorkie and Kelly happy there. Moreover, the creator wouldn’t wish to bring them back. Although he assures the fans that there will be plenty of San Junipero easter-eggs in Black Mirror Season 6 and other future installments.

Hated In The Nation

This particular episode has been one of the most distinguished storylines on the show. Being a murder mystery, Hated In The Nation keeps us on the edge of our seats. Fans have always demanded a sequel of the thrilling story. Black Mirror Season 6 may or may not have a Hated In The Nation sequel, but it has a high chance of having its characters.

Black Mirror Season 6

The shoemaker has previously confirmed that he’s thinking of bringing back some Hated In The Nation character back on the show. Besides the characters, Black Mirror Season 6 might even have one of the cast members of the popular episode. Actress Kelly MacDonald expresses that she’s open to the opportunity. She played the lead role of detective Karin Parke and was immensely appreciated for her performance. We hope to see more of her in the upcoming installment. Moreover, fans will be delighted to watch more of the Hated In The Nation character back on Netflix.

When Will It Come Out On Netflix?

The streamer has made zero announcements related to the anthology series yet. Hence, we don’t have a firm release date yet. However, Black Mirror Season 6 has meager chances of return before late 2020 or early 2021. Fans will have to be patient until next year for any precise detail.

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