Bodyguard Season 2: Madden Up For Another Season, Cast, Plot

Bodyguard Season 2

The first installment of Bodyguard has created several milestones that any series would dream of. Bodyguard landed on Netflix in late October, and fans have already started asking for Bodyguard Season 2.

The BBC Series is known for its extremely high ratings and viewership right from the beginning. The recent nomination for the Best Actor In A Drama (Richard Madden) and Best Drama Series for the Golden Globe Award has added a benchmark for the series. The finale of the first season of Bodyguard “Incredibly” with 17.1 million viewers became the most-watched drama of TV drama since records commenced.

The series follows a war veteran named David Budd (Richard Madden) who turned into a bodyguard to Julia Montague (Keeley Hawes), the pretentious and stalwart Home Secretary.

Madden With Golden Globe Award Ensures Ticket For Bodyguard Season 2?

Bodyguard Season 2

Richard Madden has won the Golden Globe Award for the Best Actor In A Drama Series. This is undoubtedly a massive achievement, which will surely cash-in for the possibility of Bodyguard Season 2. Madden has never doubted his capacity and dedication for this role, and with Golden Globe Award in his hand, Bodyguard Season 2 looks quite assured.

Possibility Of The Second Season Of Bodyguard

Till now, Bodyguard Season 2 has all good news coming along its way. Being such a successful series, possibilities of a sequel can’t be doubted.

Series Star Richard Madden agrees with the proposition. Madden is seen frequently talking about the possibility of another installment of the series. Lately, in an interview with People, Madden said that he and Jed are going to meet tomorrow and will discuss another installment of the drama.

Also in an Interview on Ellen, Madden noted that the odds are looking pretty good for the Bodyguard Season 2. Madden couldn’t control his excitement and also revealed that discussions with Jed Mercurio the creator of the series, have already started. He concluded by saying that we hope that there will be a ‘Bodyguard’ Season 2. He and Jed are talking a lot about it and will be adding some ideas in 2019 to it.

Plot Of Bodyguard Season 2

Season One of Bodyguard ended on a note of many question marks left to answer. Budd has proven his innocence in killing Julia Montague. He has also revealed terrorist connivance. The second installment of Bodyguard will follow the after effects of this whole scenario. The question of Budd still doing his government duty or some actions will be taken against him remains unanswered.

Luke Aitkens and his associates killed Julia Montague. Their propaganda was to stop her from becoming the Prime Minister of the country and to increase the power of security services. All this scenario might lead to more significant consequences, and we can see more troubles coming in the way of Budd.

David Budd solicited help for his mental health issues after he attempted suicide. Budd tries to repair his bond with Vicky and their two children. This love angle in the story is expected to grow and play a vital role in Bodyguard Season 2.

Nadia’s story is yet to be clarified in the series. We saw Nadia as a potential Bomb maker who worked along with Luke Aitkens for money. She prompts to move this further. The scenarios building around the actions of Nadia and explanations for these actions are still to be elucidated and Bodyguard Season 2 is expected to do that.

Premiere Date Of Bodyguard Season 2

The UK based BBC series is released on Netflix for the American audience. Neither BBC nor Netflix has yet made any announcement about Bodyguard Season 2 release date. However, the series is expected to go into production in the first quarter of 2019.

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