Dark Season 3: Release Date, Production, Mysteries To Unfold, Fate Of The Series

Dark Season 3

The German show based on time travel got a renewal for Dark Season 3 from Netflix even before the second season’s premiere. And the fans think it was a correct decision. The second season was as gripping as the first one, and the viewers now feel more fascinated by it. The twists brought upon in the Season 2 were more than enough to make it an instant hit.

The series is a time-traveling thriller following the lives of a few families. The situation gets worse when a few children go missing. It results in the opening up of the ties between these children and the town’s history as the show progresses. Some of the characters from the Kahnwald, Nielsen, and Doppler families get to know about the existence of a mysterious wormhole in a cave beneath a nuclear power plant. The influential Tiedemann family manages the plant.

Dark Season 2: What All Mysteries Surfaced In The Ending?

In the ending of Season 2, the fans witnessed an obstruction for the people investigating the whereabouts of the missing children. These people also included the series protagonist Jonas Kahnwald. Their hindrance is an approaching nuclear apocalypse likely designed to stop them from executing their plans.

However, one thing from the final episode of Season 2 is clear that there are alternate realities and timelines. It was evident when someone who looks like Martha moves up and tells younger Jonas that she is not from this world. Dark Season 3 will also show exactly where the couple has gone and how many alternate dimensions are there.

Dark Season 3

One speculation arises that where will Katharina end up. As she opened the passage in the cave to save herself from the apocalypse, she now might travel to any of the alternate timelines. There is also a huge mystery related to Adam, who is Jonas now. He has a scarred face after a lot of time travel and exposure to radiation. Also, he has become resistant emotionally after fatally killing Martha, the love of his life. So will he be able to control his old self and stop the apocalypse is the question hovering in fan’s minds.

Dark Season 3: What Creators Are Planning For The Series?

The creator, Baran Bo Odar, said that he has designed a plan for the series for a while. The only thing he revealed is that he does not want to create something unsatisfying for the ending. Therefore the fan can count on him for a wholesome thrilling experience. The most crucial information that the third season will reveal is that who survived and who did not survive in the nuclear plant’s meltdown. Also, one more disclosure will be that how do these alternate dimensions exist and how does one get control over it.

Dark Season 3 Release Date

Fans would have to wait this year for the release of the third season of their favorite sci-fi thriller. But the creators are confident that it will be worth the wait. We can expect the third season to release in summer 2020. Also, this season is going to be the final one of the series. Baran Bo Odar, through his Instagram, unveiled this information. He also stated that they had begun the production of Dark Season 3. So we think it will probably take a year to wrap the production work. The Upcoming season will consist of 8 episodes like previous seasons.


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