Elementary Season 7: Final Season, Time-Jump, Cast & Premiere Date

Elementary Season 7

Your detectives’ will return. CBS has renewed Elementary Season 7. The Sherlock-Watson themed series is quite popular. Though regular comparison with Sherlock (BBC), the show has its unique fan base.

The series is set in Manhattan. It follows the life of Sherlock, a recovering drug addict. Along with Joan Watson, a former surgeon hired to aid Sherlock in his rehabilitation. Both of them help the New York Police Department solve baffling crimes.

Season 7 will bring an end to the series. Many media houses have confirmed that it is the last Season of the show. This means we will see our favorite duo, for one last time.

The finale of Season 6 left everyone in shock. We saw some surprising scenarios building up. Although, that was due to the fact that the creators were not sure about another season. In that way, Season 6 finale could’ve taken as the series’ end. However, the series is renewed, and we will see the story pursuing on that aspect.

What Will Happen In Elementary Season 7: A Time Jump

A lot of things happened in Season 6. We saw Holmes lying and taking the charges of killing serial killer Michael (Desmond Harrington). He did so to protect Watson, who was under suspicion of killing Michael, as there was a recording of Michael uttering Watson’s name as he died. Although, Gregson’s daughter Hannah (Liza J. Bennett) murdered Michael.

Later, we saw Sherlock leaving for London where he couldn’t be jailed for the crime. He took Hannah, Gregson, and Watson off the hook for Michael’s murder. In the last moments, we saw Watson also moving to London, to work along with Sherlock in his cases.
The series will follow the leads’ life in London. What challenges they will face there. Will any consequence lead them back to Manhattan? Season 7 will move towards the series’ conclusion, filling all the gaps.

Season 7 will also see a time jump. There will be a year gap between the new season. Showrunner Rob Doherty told TV Line in September 2018 that When they come back in the seventh season, a year will have passed.

A Shorter Final Season Of Elementary

Elementary Season 7 will consist of less number of episodes than usual. Variety has reported that the season will have 13 episodes. The prior seasons’ included 21 to 24 episodes. However, this is not going to happen for the final season. Variety has also reported that the filming for Season 7 is complete.

Who Will Feature In The Season 7?

Season 7 will feature the lead duo Sherlock Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) and Joan Watson (Lucy Liu). Along with them, we will see Captain Thomas Gregson (Aidan Quinn) and Detective Marcus Bell (Jon Michael Hill).

Doherty told Deadline that they wanted to go back to New York and Gregson and Bell, and they found what they felt was a pleasant way to bring them back.

Premiere Date Of Elementary Season 7

The production work for ‘Elementary Season 7’ is complete. Although, CBS has yet not revealed any premiere date for the final season. However, we can presume the show returning in the mid-quarters of 2019.