Lost In Space Season 2: Filming Wrap, Air Date & Everything We Know

Lost In Space Season 2

One of the most popular Netflix science fiction is soon to return this year. The Robinson family will be back on-screen with ‘Lost In Space Season 2.’ The show debuted back in 2018 and received a fair amount of appreciation from fans and critics. It is co-produced by the popular Legendary Productions.

Lost In Space is an adaptation of 1812’s original novel¬†The Swiss Family Robinson. Several shows have been made on the reimagination of the book. This includes a 1965’s series, a film made in 1998, and a TV show in 2004. Despite having a handful of remakes, Netflix decides to make another adaptation of the 200-year old novel.

The story of the show follows the space-colonist Robinson family. An interstellar spacecraft carries the family to colonize a star system. However, their journey interrupts as an alien robot tries to attack them. Eventually, after the attack, they get separated from other families and end up lost in space.

Lost In Space Season 2: What Will Happen Next?

After going through the alien robot attack, Will (Maxwell Jenkins) safely joins his family. The Robinson family boards Jupiter 2, the spacecraft. They are then sent to a different galaxy with an entirely different habitat.

The new season will continue the story of the previous season. The Robinson family will try to adjust in the new habitat. Moreover, there will be many more mysteries coming up for them. The new season will not be as simple as the fans expect.

At the end of the first season, the friendly robot hints his friend Will about the upcoming dangers. After being flushed from the spacecraft, along with the bad robot, he makes a sand drawing that says, ‘Danger.’ Hence, the new season may be difficult for Will and his family.

Lost In Space Season 2

Lost In Space Season 2: Filming Wraps For Season 2

The production of the favorite show concludes. The cast members announced the filming wrap via their social media handles. The cast and crew wrapped the production earlier this month. Executive producer Zack Estrin posts a picture with the cast and crew on the shooting wrap.

Earlier, the shooting for Season 1 took place in Vancouver, British Columbia. However, as the Robinson family has now entered a new galaxy, the filming location was changed for Season 2. The production of the show was shifted to Iceland. It began in September 2018 and recently concluded in February 2019.

Lost In Space Season 2: When Will It Release?

Netflix is yet to release a trailer for the science fiction series. The debut season came up on April 13, 2018. Although, this time it may take a while. Also, the production has just wrapped for the show. The post-production may take a few months to release it.

However, according to speculations Lost In Space Season 2 may release by late 2019. The popular streaming platform is yet to declare a firm release date.

Fans have been waiting for a year after the release of the first season. The show got its renewal back in May 2018. Netflix is taking too long to announce the official premiere date. Admirers hope that Lost In Space Season 2 is worth the wait.


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They should start writing season three. The show is that good.