On My Block Season 3 Spoilers: Who’s The Kidnapper? Release Date & More

On My Block Season 3

Netflix is so cunning and wise when it comes to leaving the fans hanging with cliffhangers. On My Block Season 3 is on its way, and we’re yet to process what happened in Season 2 finale. The core-four, Monse, Ceasar, Ruby, and Jamal were taken away by some goons. As we move closer towards the release of the new installment, it’s important to figure who may be the kidnapper. Hence, here are all the theories that can entirely mess up your minds. So, read at your own risk.

On My Block debuted back in March 2018 and totally won our hearts with a unique, yet realistic premise. Netflix brings us this weird set of high-school best friends that go through a roller-coaster of emotions in Freeridge. The fictional small city in California is extremely complex. We were already dealing with everything that happened in the first season, and Season 2 made us more emotional.

On My Block Season 3

The cliffhanger at the finale of the funny and savvy Season 1 was overwhelming. We eventually lost Olivia (Ronni Hawk), and others are still struggling with her death. Towards the end of the second installment, the core-four finally started recovering only to be abducted by some goons. However, who were these goons? Who is behind the kidnapping? Hence, here’s a list of everyone who can be the kidnapper.

On My Block Season 3: The Santos

Yes! Yes, we agree that this theory is very complicated but listen carefully. There are possibilities that the Santos may be behind the kidnapping. Oscar aka Spooky (Julio Macias) would never try to hurt Ceasar (Diego Tinoco) and his friends. However, he might do it to save them from the upcoming dangers. Spooky knows that the kids got the Prophet$ arrested, which justifies his motive to get them to a safer place.

On My Block Season 3

On My Block Season 3: The Prophet$

The Prophet$ were finally arrested by the end of the second season. The chances are high that some of the Prophet$ may have escaped the arrest. As we know who framed them with the RollerWorld money, it’s wise to assume that the gang may have kidnapped the kids for revenge. If they’re actually behind the abduction, we hope that of our favorite characters stay unharmed.

On My Block Season 3: New Gang

Freeridge has finally get rid of the Prophet$. The Santos is the only surviving gang in the town now. Hence, there are chances that a new gang may want to secure a place. The new set of goons might have kidnapped Ceasar and his friends to threaten Spooky. If the theory turns out to be accurate, it’ll be interesting to watch the core-four dealing with brand-new enemies.

When Are The Core Four Coming Back On Screens?

The first season debut on the popular streaming platform back in March 2018. Exactly a year later, Season 2 came out in the same month. Hence, we can see from far that On My Block Season 3 may arrive by March 2020. However, Netflix is yet to announce a firm premiere date.

Dealing with Olivia’s death was difficult for all the fans. Thus, we do not want to lose any of our favorite characters anymore. The new season will certainly not be easy for any of them. Each of the kids has grown over the course of the previous installments. Their character arcs have been redefined. Fans have now developed a connection with the core four and Jasmine. Now everything that happens with them affects the audiences as well. Hence, we hope that it gets easier for them this time.


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