Ozark Season 3: January 2020 Release! Plot Details & Major Spoilers

Ozark Season 3

It’s finally time for Ozark Season 3! Well, we know it’s late, but the series is finally ready to return to our Netflix screens. As far as we know, the installment will be full of problems and controversies for Marty and Wendy. In fact, some new characters will bring in much havoc in the lives of the Byrde family. Here’s everything you need to know.

The story of the series follows the witty couple, Marty and Wendy, leading a seemingly ordinary family that runs a drug cartel. Upon shifting to Ozarks, Missouri, they set up another illegal business, henceforth creating a bunch of enemies in the process. Thus, the plot of the show then comes across a series of dramatic events in a town full of criminal activities.

Ozark Season 3

Ozark Season 3: Production Wrap

Ozark turned out to be a massive success for Netflix with its debut back in mid-2017. Fans began to love the show, and demand for new seasons rose high. In fact, the second installment became much more popular and sparked a fire in between the audience that was ready to watch more. Hence, the streamer ended up renewing the series. Executive producer and lead actor Jason Bateman waved the green flag back in October 2018.

However, the productions for Ozark Season 3 had to face a long hiatus. Filming began months later in May 2019 and recently concluded towards the end of October 2029. The series is currently under post-production and will soon arrive at our Netflix screens. Cast members took to their social media handles to announce the news.

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What Will Happen Next?

Despite having grudged against each other throughout both the season, the Bryde family has kept along pretty well all this while. Since it’s important for them to be together, they are forced to support each other. However, Ozark Season 3 may change the entire scenario.

Since Marty and Wendy are almost rivals now, it won’t be easy for either of them to survive the new season. As per speculations, the couple may enter a rough fight and may turn out to be dangerous for each other. However, the clocks are ticking for the husband as Ozark Season 3 may turn out to be brutal for him. In fact, actor Jason Bateman who plays the character, confirms the same. He expresses that he’s concerned for Marty too. Well, we hope he makes out alive from the next installment.

Ozark Season 3

New Cast Members!

Well, the makers of the brilliant series are preparing to add several new characters to the next season. However, some of them are way too dangerous for the Byrde family. The list includes the addition of Wendy’s impulsive brother, Ben Davis, in Ozark Season 3. The occurrence of the character will have significant effects on Wendy’s life. Marvel’s Iron Fist fame Tom Pelphrey will play the role.

On the other hand, the third installment also adds Actress Jessica Francis Dukes to the cast list. She was previously seen in the popular Marvel show Jessica Jones. Dukes will join as a series regular to play the role of an FBI agent and forensic accountant, Maya Miller. The new character solely intends to create havoc for Marty. Other major cast additions include Joseph Sikora as the son of Kansas City mob boss, Frank Cosgrove. We will also get to see Felix Solis as Omar Navarro, the leader of Mexico’s second-largest drug cartel.

Ozark Season 3

Ozark Season 3: January 2020 Release

The third installment of the crazy crime drama is half a year late than its expected time of release, due to certain reasons. We were all expecting an August 2019 premiere date, which is long gone. As of now, Netflix is yet to announce an official date. However, speculations suggest that the series is not so far away from our screens. Well, rumors believe that fans may get to watch new episodes as early as January 2020. If so, we may come across a trailer sooner this month.

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