What Should And Shouldn’t Happen in ‘Quicksand Season 2?’ Release

Quicksand Season 2

Netflix never fails us when it comes to making modern world teen drama. With several popular additions in the genre like Sex Education and 13 Reasons Why, the streaming platform is looting our hearts, and we can do nothing but watch. This particular Swedish show is one of those rare spine-chilling stories that leave an impression. As many of us have already binge-watched the series, we need to if Quicksand Season 2 will ever release.

The story of the crime drama follows an extremely unpleasant concept. Starting with a crude school-shooting, Quicksand dives deep into the mystery. The mystery isn’t about what happened, but why it happened. And in between all of this, there stands our poor and helpless leading lady, Maja Norberg, the Djursholm Girl. Being suspected of supporting her boyfriend and planning the massacre with him, Maja has to go through the legal trial.

Quicksand Season 2

We know the journey has been tough for her. After all that she’s been through, we cannot help but root for the character. Netflix smartly handles the way some serious issues should be highlighted in a show. From abusive relationships, drug abuse, and rape to an extremely brutal and pitiless school-massacre, everything made us cry. Even the after-effects and implications of the legal trial are heart-breaking. Quicksand is literally a masterpiece in making us feel the emotions.

Why Netflix ‘Must’ Renew The Show?

There are a hundred shows in history that end on weird and incomplete cliffhangers. Moreover, most of the time, the makers do not even plan to continue the story anymore and leave it on the viewers to guess what might’ve happened afterwards. However, as far as we talk about programmes like Quicksand, the showrunners must show the outgrowth of what they’ve presented us. Hence, with this particular crime drama, it’s necessary for Netflix to renew it for another season.

Quicksand Season 2

Maja has suffered a lot. She has been through all the worst things that could happen to a person in her age. At this point in time where she’s set free and declared not-guilty, we want to know how the story turns out for her. Firstly, we hope that she gets an extensive therapy as she didn’t get it while in the dark and depressing prison. Most importantly, we want to know how she moves on and tries to survive as the Djursholm Girl.

Quicksand Season 2: What May Happen

It’s not hard to guess what might happen to a person after everything that happened in the debut season. It would not be an easy world for Maja to live in. However, we hope she gets through everything. As far as her recovery is concerned, we all know that it will be difficult. She might get on the wrong path and commit things that she must not, after the tough trial she has passed.

Quicksand Season 2

The look that was seen in her eyes in the scene where she hugged her little sister after being declared not-guilty, was horrific. The blank stare that she gave us, hinted that something may go wrong in her recovery. As she finally dwells deep into her emotions, there are chances that she may either go cold-hearted or go in severe depression. Moreover, Netflix can or may use the same to target several other serious issues.

Quicksand Season 2: What Must Happen

As we know it won’t be difficult for Netflix to target a few other serious issues in Quicksand Season 2, we want them to go a bit slow this time. In the first season, fans got too overwhelmed with the sea of emotions the show took us into. The streaming platform has enough time and potential to work on what should happen in the next installment. However, here are some things that must follow in the series.

Even if Maja and her family struggle with the infamy, we want them to get through it eventually. As viewers, we all know that it’s tough to live in such a world; however, their recovery will kick in much motivation. On the other hand, we want people to know the consequences of such a life-changing event. Maja and her story must reach as many people as it can, and Netflix can help to do the same.

Quicksand Season 2: Release Date

As the debut season has only released in April, it is hard to predict a firm air date for now. However, chances suggest that the second season will follow the same release pattern as Season 1. Thus, it may release by early 2020. Nonetheless, we want Netflix to take its time and give us a Season 2 that we can never expect.

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