See Season 2: Pre-Production, Cast And Plot Details, Release Date

See Season 2
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See Season 2 is one of the most anticipated shows of the newbie streaming service, Apple TV+. Fans went crazy with its first run, and now are speculating about its second run. When will See Season 2 come up? What will happen in season 2? and more.

The show received an early renewal for the second season, even before airing its debut season on Apple TV+. Along with See, other new-bees like Dickinson, The Morning Show, and For All Mankind also punched the renewal at the same time.

See featured the time centuries after an apocalyptic event kills most of the planet’s population and leaves its survivors entirely blind. Although humans have restored to a pre-industrial society by now, with all the developments done to live a healthy life in the wild, despite being blind. Also, it has become a place where having the power of eyesight is a curse. Therefore, Baba Voss and his wife Maghra decided to save their children, as they can see.

Pre-Production Started For See Season 2

See Season 2
Apple TV+

Yes, the pre-production work for See season 2 is already underway, as per the reports. Therefore, its not much far when the filming for the sophomore run will also begin. And like the first season, the second season will also comprise an eight-episode queue. The fans of the series, and also of the lead Jason Momoa, are very much excited for the return of the series for the second run.

Cast Returning For See Season 2

As of now, the main cast from the first season of See is set to return for the second season of apocalypse drama. Lead by Jason Momoa as Baba Voss; the sophomore run will also feature Hera Hilmar as Maghra. Sylvia Hoeks as Queen Kane. Alfre Woodard, as Paris. Nesta Cooper as Haniwa. Archie Madekwe as Kofun. Christian Camargo as Tamacti Jun and Joshua Henry as Jerlamerel. Meanwhile, some new faces will likely join the second season of the show. However, there has not been any news regarding any new cast addition yet.

What Will Happen In See Season 2?

The second season of See will feature the big powers clashing together. Also, by the end of the first season, Maghara and Queen Kane became the united front and took control of the Witchfinder army, which was once led by Tamacti Jun. Also, it looked that the former Witchfinder General is dead. But, as per the scene, he will likely rise, once again, like a phoenix in the second season.

See Season 2
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Moreover, Jerlamerel, who was one of the three sighted ones, got blinded by Baba Voss. That happened as Jerlamerel revealed his plans to split his children up and send Haniwa away. Voss did this in order to keep the children together. Therefore, in the sophomore run, Voss will continue to protect the children from the evils.

See Season 2: Release Date

The first season of See arrived by late 2019. Therefore, it looks like the fans need to wait an entire year for the return of the second season of See. Although, See Season 2 will likely return by later half of 2020 on Apple TV+.