Sex Education Season 2: Official Trailer Out! Everything That Will Happen

Sex Education Season 2

The brand-new trailer assures that Sex Education Season 2 is going to be a fun ride. Our favorite characters from Moordale are finally returning to the screens. However, this time there’s going to be much more drama than ever before. Hence, here’s everything that’s about to happen this season alongside the first trailer of Netflix’s most-awaited show.

Sex Education debuted on Netflix back in January 2019 and became an instant hit. The series won over 40 million hearts with his humourous and heart-warming content. The sex drama series is one of its kind and attempts to touch different tones using diverse plotlines. Fans had been waiting for a year to see more of the amazing show. Well, it’s finally time as Sex Education Season 2 is almost at our doors.

Sex Education Season 2

Sex Education Season 2: New Cast Additions!

Despite renewing it back in February 2019, Netflix took too long to give any further information. It was only November 2019, when the streamer finally took to its social media accounts to reveal some secrets. Over social media, it was announced that fans would get to see several new faces on the latest installment of Sex Education.

The social media post announced the addition of three main additions, Sami Outbali, George Robinson, and Chinenye Ezeudu. Actor Sami Outbali will play the role of a french-student, Rahim, who is about to join Moordale Secondary. On the other hand, Ezeudu, as Viv, is a multi-talented academic student at the school. Although Robinson’s character is the most interesting one of all. George, as Isaac, will move to Maeve’s caravan park and probably become a friend of hers.

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Sex Education Season 2: Official Trailer Breakdown!

Netflix finally released the very first trailer of our favorite show. The took the internet by storm, and everyone’s already talking about it. The trailer reveals several mind-blowing plot twists in our beloved characters’ lives. Well, here’s everything that’s about to happen in Sex Education Season 2.

Jean Joins Moordale School!

Yes, it indeed is as weird as it sounds. Otis’ mother, Dr. Jean, is set to join Moordale Secondary School as the Sexual Health Expert. However, her presence at the school in any form will cause much havoc for her son. As the trailer suggests, Otis already looks much embarrassed as his mother steps on the stage to have an open conversation about S-E-X. Well, this is just the beginning, as a lot is about to come with Jean’s arrival at the school.

Maeve Is Back At The School

Maeve has finally found out ways to return to Moordale Secondary again. The trailer reveals that the leading lady will attempt to find her way back by blackmailing the headmaster, Mr. Groff. Fans will have to wait until the installment to arrive to know how she handles the deal.

On the other hand, the trailer makes it clear that she still has feelings for Otis. However, since he and Ola are together, she will try to hide her feelings from the former. Although this won’t stop her from being jealous of the couple. Luckily, Jackson finally reveals to Otis that Maeve is in love with him. Well, we hope Otis finally takes a wise step, and the two of them find ways back to each other.

Sex Education Season 2

Ola Is Otis’ Sister?

Otis and Ola finally discover their parents’ affair. As the trailer reveals, the four of them fall into an embarrassing situation, and the truth comes out. Jean and Jakob will apparently begin to date, making Ola the step-sister of Otis. Can things get any crazier?

Eric Dates Rahim and Adam Finds Out!

The debut season gave us one of the most previous couples of all time, Eric and Adam. However, the two of them we separated after Adam was forced to move to the Military School. While Eric decides to move on, Adam is still at the military school. Although upon finally returning, he catches Eric kissing the new guy, Rahim. Things are going to get rough between our favorite characters. Yet, we hope that love wins over every problem in Sex Education Season 2.

There’s a lot left in the trailer for us to discover. Well, dig in and tell us what you find in the comments below.

When Will Season 2 Be On Netflix?

Sex Education Season 2 is finally at our doors. The latest installment arrives on Netflix with ten brand-new episodes on Friday, January 17, 2020.

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