Sherlock Season 5: When Will It Release? Will Benedict & Martin Return?

Sherlock Season 5

BBC’s award-winning show, Sherlock is one of the most appreciated shows on the network. The first four seasons ended two years ago in 2017, and the chances of ‘Sherlock Season 5’ are meager. The television network has neither renewed the show nor canceled it. Fans are still wondering if it will ever hit the screens.

However, a few comments by the executive producers, Steven Moffat, and Mark Gatiss hint us of a fresh season coming up. The duo accepts that there is still a possibility that Season 5 may happen. Although, they’re sure that the day may not arrive very soon. Rumors believed that Sherlock Season 5 is filed and we may never get to see the detective series again. But Moffat and Gatiss are yet to say Goodbye to our favorite show.

The story of the series is an obvious adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes detective stories. Moreover, it revolves around a crazy-smart ‘consulting’ detective and his companion. Benedict Cumberbatch is one of the best Sherlocks in history. On the other hand, fans love Martin Freeman as the equally intelligent and empathetic friend and roommate Watson.

Sherlock Season 5


Sherlock Season 5: Cancellation

The rumors of the cancellation were not vague. Audiences had reasons to expect the show not to return. One of such reasons is the long delay in the renewal of the show. The last episode of the released back in January 2017. Fans have been waiting for the comeback for two long years which gave birth to hundreds of rumors.

Secondly, another major reason for the cancellation is the name of the Season 4 finale episode. It was named ‘The Final Problem,’ which creates the confusion if it was the last episode of the entire series. However, Moffat clears the doubt by calling the first four episodes as Chapter One. Fortunately, he adds that Sherlock’s future has not reached its end and we may get to see more of Sherlock-Watson adventures.

Sherlock Season 5: Chapter Two

Moffat has made several strong statements about the show. He expressed that the new seasons may be Chapter Two of Sherlock’s story. Moreover, it will feature Sherlock and Watson’s changed life and their journey ahead. The duo is consciously living in a myth and battling wrong-doers.

Dr. Watson now has a new life to start after his wife’s death. Whereas, Holmes is now a humane version of himself after everything that happened to him. However, the two actors that play the roles, now have conflicting schedules. Hence, the show will only happen when the leads are free.

Moffat and Gatiss have written the next episode. However, they’re not sure when it will go under production. Both of them do not plan to work on Sherlock Season 5 in the immediate time. Although, they’ve hinted that it is likely to happen.

Sherlock Season 5: Will Sherlock And Watson Return?

According to speculations, Benedict Cumberbatch who plays Sherlock Holmes may leave the show. Luckily, the actor soon denies any such rumors and confirms his return to the show (in case it happens).

Sherlock Season 5

However, unfortunately, actor Martin Freeman refuses to reprise his role as Doctor John Watson. As per a report by Telegraph, he expresses that his role in the crime drama is not a thing to be enjoyed. His part as Dr. Watson is rather a thing of ‘You better f*** do this.’ He also adds that with all these high expectations, his job is not fun anymore. The comment hints that he may step down from the role. Though, he is yet to make his exit official.

Cumberbatch has shown his disappointment over Freeman’s statement by calling it ‘Pathetic.’ Fans do sense a rift between the two stars but also expect them to return as a duo on their favorite show.

Sherlock Season 5: When Will It Release?

Executive producer Mark Gatiss unburdens the fans via his ‘On the Line’ interview. He explains that the show will not go into production as they’re already working on another project. He and Moffat will be shooting for ‘Dracula’ next year. Moreover, they would not pick up any other project before its completion.

Also, the showrunners state that Sherlock Season 5 may take two years to get into production. Plus, they are yet to solidify their decision. Hence, the series may get another chance to come back on screen.

Thus, Sherlock Season 5 is roughly confirmed, and fans are longing to see their favorite on-screen duo, Sherlock and Watson back on their investigation journey. A huge number of audience expects BBC to renew Sherlock Season 5 as soon as possible.


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