Taboo Season 2: Tom Hardy Delaying The Sequel? Possible Release Date & Updates

Taboo Season 2

Taboo Season 2 was announced way back in March 2017. However, nothing looks clear still. Fans are fuming as they’ve waited for more than two years and things are still rocky. The period drama series debuted on January 7, 2017. There are many aspects behind the delay of Taboo Season 2. Here is everything we know so far.

Taboo is a period drama series that airs on BBC in the United Kingdom, and on FX in the United States. Steven Knight, Tom Hardy, and his father Chips Hardy are the creator of the show. The series is based on a story written by Chips and Tom Hardy.

The Tom Hardy series follows the return of James Delaney to England after twelve years with fourteen stolen diamonds. Delaney returns after his father dies and as the war with the United States is almost over. The eight-part series is set in 1814.

Is Tom Hardy The Reason For The Delay?

Tom hardy might be the reason why Taboo might never return. He is one of the biggest stars of Hollywood, and he is almost always in demand.

Taboo Season 2

Tom is busy with several projects, including Venom 2. Later this year, he will be returning to the role of Max Rockatansky for the sequel to Fury Road. Moreover, he is all set to star in the remake of A Christmas Carol.

Reportedly, Steven Knight has ideas for two more potential seasons. Moreover, in February he revealed that he had written first six episodes for the second season.

Furthermore, Knight said that in the end, it all comes down to Tom, when he wants to do it and when he is available. He also said that he could see both the seasons getting made relatively soon, or neither of those getting made.

What Will Happen In Taboo Season 2?

After the events of season one, James Delaney and his cohorts will head west to Ponta Delgada in the Azores. James and his cohorts are looking forward to meeting US intelligence agent Colonnade there, in season two.

Steven Knight shared on what can happen in Taboo Season 2. He said Taboo will head west and might become a little bit more narcotic and more opium-affected.

Taboo Season 2

Moreover, according to Knight, season 2 will lean towards a more geographical route.

Knight has a destination in mind, which is always nice when you are going on a Big Journey like this one. Furthermore, he added that it is good to know where you are headed.

We can expect that James and company will continue onwards to the shores of America in Taboo Season 2. Delaney could explore his late mother’s Native American heritage and stake his claim to the Nootka Sound area.

Other storylines might explore the secret behind Delaney’s tattoo and his dispute with East India Company and Mark Gatiss’ Prince Regent.

Moreover, there are plenty of storylines that we can expect from Taboo Season 2. However, keeping in mind how unusual and beautiful season one was, it is hard to assume what season 2 holds.

Taboo Season 2: Possible Release Date

There is no official news or announcement regarding the premiere date for Taboo Season 2. However, filming of the new season is expected to begin later in 2019. So, if everything goes as scheduled, and Tom is available, Taboo could return in Early 2020.

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