The Affair Season 5: Release Date, Trailer Reveals Spoilers & Updates

The Affair Season 5

The drama is going to enthrall the fans once more. Showtime renewed The Affair Season 5 after getting a fantastic response from the previous seasons. The show, surrounded by mysteries with an ample amount of drama is a delight for the viewers. Who would have thought an affair could impact so many people’s lives severely.

But it is all good for the fans who are waiting to witness their favorite characters back on screen. The concept of showing individual perspectives for an extended period startled the viewers. And such a fresh storyline was bound to get praise from the critics. The show also won a Golden Globe Award for Best Drama TV Series.

The series is about the turns in the lives of people that takes place due to an affair between Noah Solloway and Alison Lockhart. Both Noah and Alison are family people, and their families deal with the consequences after their relationship. The show portrays perspectives of Noah, Alison, and their spouses Helen Solloway, and Cole Lockhart regarding the affair. But the plot thickens after the death of Alison’s brother-in-law.

Police investigations take place, and flash-forward shows Noah getting released from prison. After that, he had a new love interest, and then he moves to LA with his children. The previous season brought another twist with the death of Alison, and her daughter Joanie returning to town to find the truth about her death.

The Affair Season 5

The questions arising would be whether Joanie would get to know the reason for her mother’s death? And will Noah be a part of all the investigation?

The Affair Season 5: Trailer Shows Noah’s Distress

The new season is back with some added drama. When Season 4 ended, everyone was coping with the sudden demise of Alison. On the other side, Helen dealt with the impending passing of her husband. This situation could also mean Noah would try to revive things between him and his ex-wife Helen. But the question is, how many chances would he get for the same thing? Noah, in the trailer, tells Helen that he would do anything to make things better.

Adding on to Noah’s misery, Whitney is seen in a white dress, ready to walk down the aisle, and Helen romancing a charming movie star (guest star Claes Bang). Although Noah finds professional success with a movie on his book’s adaptation, he still seems to be in some legal trouble. So The Affair Season 5¬†would not be a pleasant journey for Mr. Solloway.

A Different Timeline & A Different Joanie

The Affair Season 5

The producers set The Affair Season 5 around 20 years ahead in time. This advance in time-frame meant the growth of young children to adults. Joanie Lockhart, daughter of Alison and Cole now is an adult, and she returns to her hometown, Montauk to investigate her mother’s demise.

The actress in True Blood, Anna Paquin would be playing adult Joanie’s character. In the trailer, the fans would see Noah asking Joanie not to stop trying, and giving up would be a real tragedy. Joanie spent her entire life trying to be the opposite of her mother as she did not want to end up being like her. But now, things have changed, and she empathizes with Alison.

The Affair Season 5: Release Date

The excited viewers will not have to hold on for long as The Affair Season 5 would premiere on 25 August this year. The upcoming season would likely feature eleven episodes and will air on Showtime at 9 PM slot. This season would hopefully tie the loose ends and bring clarity in all relationships for the future.


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