The Ranch Part 7: Everything You Need To Know About The Series

The Ranch Part 7

The Netflix doesn’t want to disappoint their Sitcom audience. The Ranch is renewed for Season 4, that is, the audience will be getting part 7 and part 8 of their favorite situational comedy. Part 6 of the series premiered on 7th December 2018. Netflix showed utter confidence on the series, by renewing it for two more parts before the premiere of Part 6 of The Ranch.

The Ranch Part 6 dealt with many challenges this year. Depicting the exit of one of their lead character “Rooster” was most difficult of it. Rooster is portrayed by Danny Masterson who appealed his fans’ to continue watching the series.

Netflix Renewed The Ranch Part 7 and 8 – Season 4

Netflix has ordered a 20 episode for The Ranch Season 4. Each Season of The Ranch is split into two parts. Therefore, each season consisting of 2 parts of 10 episodes. Till now, 3 Seasons of The Ranch has come out, that is, Six Parts of this family drama has premiered. Now, Season 4 of The Ranch is announced. This Season will consist of two parts, The Ranch Part 7, which will include 10 episodes. The next 10 episodes will air as The Ranch Part 8.

Will Dax Shepard Make A Comeback As Luke For The Ranch Part 7?

The Ranch Part 7

The Ranch Part 6 dealt with the exit of Danny Masterson by introducing a new character of Luke, pursued by Dax Shepard. Dax Shephard starred at the latter half of Part 6, drawing all attention on his role. The new energy as Luke was introduced in The Ranch Part 6 to overcome the grief scenario of the exit of “Rooster.”

Fans loved the character of Luke and was highly appreciated. Creators will have no reason to keep him away from The Ranch Part 7. Therefore, it is assured that Dax Shephard will return with his character of “Luke” on The Ranch Part 7.

Updates For The Ranch Part 7 – Might Be The Last Season

The production for The Ranch Part 7 had begun. December 14th, which is the filming date of series had a sold-out show. The acquisition of Debra Winger leaving the show have also surfaced recently. In an interview with Deadline, Sam Elliott discussed that The Ranch Season 4 is “probably” the last season of the series.

The Three Stages We Saw In Part 6 and What To Expect From The Ranch Part 7

The Ranch Part 6 premiered in three different stages: the Grief Period, the Happy Period, and the New Energy Period.

First Stage

The Show started with the disappearance of “Rooster.” We saw Colt and family, getting worried about Rooster. Later, Colt decided to put all his effort into finding his brother. However, it all ended on a sad part as police reports that Rooster had taken a curve very quick on his bike and plunged off a cliff. However, the body is not recovered. The Bennett family mourns after police declare him presumably dead.

This has left the show with an open-end to the story of Rooster. Nothing can be said for sure. However, if the consequence builds in a manner, Rooster’s return is also possible.

Second Stage

The second stage of The Ranch Part 6 dealt with Colt and Abby having their baby. Despite the absence of Rooster in the scenario, this does bring a bit of happiness in the family environment.

Watching Colt and Abby as responsible parents will be an exciting part in The Ranch Part 7.

Third Stage

The third stage of the show focused entirely on the new character Luke Mathews, pursued by Dax Shepard. Luke tried to fill the vast gap created by the exit of Rooster from the Show.

Dax will presumably pursue with the role of Luke in The Ranch Part 7 and furthermore.

Premiere Date Of The Ranch Part 7

Netflix has yet not announced any official date for the premiere of The Ranch Part 7. However, following the prior seasons’ pattern, Part 7 of The Ranch is expected to premiere in June 2019.

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