The Walking Dead Season 9: Mid-Season Premiere Spoilers – Title, Synopsis, Teaser

The Walking Dead Season 9 - Alpha New Teaser

We can all come back from this; we are not too far gone. The Walking Dead Season 9 is returning. The Mid-season break is about to get over, and the dead will rise again. The thumb rules for life will be applied.

Title and Synopsis for new episodes of The Walking Dead Season 9 are out. AMC’s adventure, thriller zombie drama took a mid-season break on 25th November 2018. However, the eighth episode, titled ‘Evolution’ gave a glance at the new enemy in The Walking Dead Universe.

New Episode’s Title and Synopsis

The 9th episode of The Walking Dead Season 9 is titled ‘Adaptation.’ This goes well with the title of the prior episode. Moreover, Adaptation is a key to survival after Evolution in the Dead Universe. The Synopsis for this episode is also revealed. It goes – The group unmasks a disturbing and terrifying new threat. An escaped convict revisits his past.

The unmasking will be ‘literally’ related to the Whisperers. The Walking Dead Universe is now facing a new threat in Whisperers – the humans who wore the skin of Walkers. AMC has also posted updates about the leader of Whisperers – Alpha. This is the greatest threat on The Walking Dead ever.

What Is Going To Happen When Alpha And Beta Hits?

The mid-season finale of Season 9 featured the death of Jesus. Jesus was killed by one of the Whisperers. Jesus was assassinated by a human encased in walker flesh. The human walks among the dead till he drew out a sword to strike his adversary.

There has been a new update from The Walking Dead Universe about Alpha. From its official Twitter account, a new look of Alpha is revealed. This teaser has a caption – Alpha is ready for you, but are you ready for her? Samantha Morton will characterize Alpha. With Alpha and her second in command Beta in the scenario, the return of The Walking Dead Season 9 will raise hell. Ryan Hurst will pursue the character of Beta. Hurst has also featured in Sons of Anarchy and Remember the Titans.

What Kang has to say about Alpha and Beta in The Walking Dead Season 9

While talking with, Angela Kang, showrunner of The Walking Dead expressed her thoughts on leaders of Whisperers. Kang said she is very excited about the cast they have. Kang added that Samantha Morton and Ryan Hurst brought so much energy and intensity already to the process. She thinks that they will get to tell a narrative that is sort of a mystery.

Kang also believes that this (Whisperers) is the most formidable group that they have come across. This is because they have the potential of zombies behind them. She concluded by saying that this is something she is thrilled for the audience to watch.

Premiere Date Of The Walking Dead Season 9

The Walking Dead Season 9 will make a comeback from its mid-season break on 10th February 2019. The new enemy, new challenges, new battles will be fascinating to watch!

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