Tidelands Season 2: Why This New Series Totally Deserves A Sequel?

Tidelands Season 2

The first season of Tidelands has premiered on Netflix and fans are already excited about Tidelands Season 2. Tidelands is Netflix’s first Australian TV Show which it has exclusively produced and distributed.

Netflix’s desire to claw the foreign audience is nothing new. The media giant is trying to intrude in the Indian, Spain, German and other territories as well. Tidelands is its approach to the Australian region.

Netflix is yet to make an official announcement regarding the renewal of the series for Tidelands Season 2. The series premiered on Netflix in December 2018, and the chances of the renewal of a series purely depend upon the performance of the show.

Why Tidelands Totally Deserves Season 2?

1. The Unique Plot Of The Show

Tidelands Season 2

Tidelands have its own unique storyline. Some find it scary, some find it creepy and a bit spooky. Whatever it might be, it helps in building the show’s sole audience.

Tidelands follow the story of an isolated fictional Australian fishing village Orphelin Bay. Investigator Cal McTeer, who is characterised by Charlotte Best, starts examining the appearance of a local fisherman’s body that laves ashore, only to discover that the town’s residents aren’t wholly what they seem. The residents of this village are Tidelanders. Tidelanders are beings of Tidelands’ creation that are half-siren and half-human.

Well! This is an entirely new entry in the world of supernaturals. Moreover, the series’ bold and strong content make it stand alone in this genre.

2. First Australian Original Series

Tidelands Season 2

Netflix has previously invested in some shows marking Australian territory. Glitch and Pine Gap are examples of it. Netflix has distributed or co-produced these shows. Moreover, Tidelands is Netflix’s first Australian Original Series.

The company will try to hold on the audience of the show. Moreover, no show of that region will be a scenario, Netflix will avoid.

3. Viewership Of First Season Of Tidelands

Tidelands Season 2

Netflix has a clear agenda for the renewal of shows – Viewership. However, it is a bit early to say anything about the first Season of the show. Moreover, Netflix will wait for few more months to get exact scenario.

The genre of Tidelands is highly prevalent. Binge watching those eight episodes seems pretty reasonable. The show can also get a special privilege being an international series.

4. Netflix’s History With The Genre Of Tidelands

Netflix always had a soft heart for two things – International and Supernatural Shows, and Tidelands constitute both. Spain’s Cable Girls, Germany’s Dark, Britain’s The Crown, Stranger Things  and The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina are few examples of it. Therefore, we can presume Tidelands Season 2 landing soon on Netflix.

When The Announcements For Tidelands Season 2 Will Happen?

Netflix is yet to make the renewal announcement for Tidelands Season 2. Meanwhile, Netflix will be taking a while to watch over the show’s performance in Australia.

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