Trinkets Season 2: Is The Final Installment? Release Date & Plot

Trinkets Season 2

It’s been a while since we heard anything from Netflix about Trinkets Season 2. The teen drama emerged as a beautiful binge-offer to millions of fans around the globe. Besides, viewers admire it to be lively and heart-warming. Well, it’s finally time to get some answers from the streamer. When will the second season be on our screens?

The new Netflix series picks up its story from the 2014 popular novel with the same name. Trinkets is unlike any other teen drama on the platform. Its concept is fresh and unique. We’re introduced to three high school girls, Elodie, Moe, and Tabitha, who shoplift to distract themselves from their messy lives. Upon connecting over Shoplifter’s Anonymous, the three of them form a strong and genuine bond. However, they still have to face reality and deal with the problems they have in their respective lives.

Trinkets Season 2

Trinkets Season 2: Renewal 

Soon after the series debuted on the platform, fans began to demand another installment. In fact, Netflix’s comment section was spammed with questions related to the renewal of Trinkets Season 2. Hence, the streamer decided to give us all the answers. With some social media posts, we were finally given the green flag. However, the good news came with a bad one as well.

The Second Season Is Also The Last One!

The sophomore season is Netflix’s final bid on the sweet and simple show. Despite being a beloved series, Trinkets didn’t manage to avoid the streamer’s show-slitting spree. Like several other well-deserving programs, the platform canceled the women-led series as well. The cancelation came as a shock to millions of fans. The majority believe that Trinkets had much more potential than Netflix realized.

What Will Happen Next Season?

Season 1 finale wasn’t easy for the girls at all. In fact, all three of them got in much trouble towards the end. While Elodie ran away from home, Moe or Tabitha may get arrested. Trinkets Season 2 will feature the struggles our leading ladies face as they fight these troubles. Besides, with the way the first season ended, the trinkets may have to tackle several other obstacles coming their way.

One of the main highlights will be Moe or Tabitha’s arrest in the new season. The two of them stole Brady’s prized car and vandalized it. Well, some fans believe that Moe may be the target this time because she punched the bad guy in the face back in Season 1. Hence, Brady may seek revenge for the same from her. In the last moments, he called the police, and we could hear the sirens wailing towards somebody’s place. While we aren’t sure who’s been accused, we certainly hope that they find out a way to get out of prison.

On the other hand, we hope that the trio reunites in Trinkets Season 2. Well, firstly, they’ll have to fix the mishaps they’ve committed on their shoplifting spree.

Trinkets Season 2: Release Date

While Netflix made it clear that the final season is returning in 2020, we don’t have a firm date to rely upon. There have been zero discussions upon the show’s premiere ever since they renewed it. As of now, like most other shows on the platform, the teen drama is expected to follow an annual release pattern. Hence, we can expect it to return as early as the Summer of 2020.

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