V Wars Season 2: Renewed? New ‘Indian’ Cast Members! Release Date

V Wars Season 2

Netflix’s new show revived the good-old Vampire genre back in December 2019. Star of the genre Ian Somerhalder is set to return with ‘V Wars Season 2’ yet again, and he’s in full form this time. Unlike his badass vampire character in The Vampire Diaries, Somerhalder picks up an entirely different role in V Wars. Well, it seems like the dynamic will change in the second outing as Dr. Luther Swann is ready to slash some undead. Here’s everything you need to know.

The story of the show is set in an alternate world where a huge chunk of humankind has been infected by a virus. This virus transforms people into deadly vampires who feed on human blood. Ian Somerhalder plays the role of Dr. Luther Swann, a scientist attempting to cure the undead. However, he thrusts into a catastrophic nightmare as his best friend, Michael, transforms too. Season 1 features a quest between the two kinds with Swann and Michael as their respective leaders.

V Wars Season 2

V Wars Season 2: Renewal & Production Details

Sadly, as of now, there’s no official update on the renewal of V Wars Season 2. Ian Somerhalder and the makers of the show are already prepared to work upon the new season. However, all they lack is a green flag from Netflix. In a recent Instagram video, Somerhalder gave his fans a quick update on the coming installment. He went on to confirm that the series is yet to get a renewal.
However, he urged the fans to watch the series if they haven’t and complete watching if they’re in the middle. He went on to add that if viewers come in to stream the first season, then it will have effects on where, when, and how they’ll make Season 2. Hence, as per the post, the renewal of V Wars Season 2 is highly dependant on the viewership of the debut installment. As of now, Netflix might be analyzing the revenue generated yet and may greenlight the show if it’s good.
On the other hand, the makers of the series seem already prepared to make the second installment. Season 2 is already in pre-productions as creators have begun to select cast members. Hence, the new season may go into productions as soon as Netflix waves a green flag.

New ‘Indian’ Cast Members!

The second outing of V Wars is planning to add two major members to its cast, as of now. According to RadioTimes, Ian Somerhalder revealed that the makers are looking for actors to play the role of two Indian characters. Creators will put together a father and a daughter in the deadly setting of Season 2. Somerhalder has few good things to say about the characters, and we hope they turn out to be as favorable to the premise.
V Wars Season 2

When Will ‘V Wars Season 2’ Release?

V Wars Season 2 is yet to get a renewal. However, looking at the popularity of the series and high demand for the vampire genre, the green flag may soon arrive at our doors. Thereby, the installment will go under production as well. Hence, as per current situations, it’s likely to expect the new episodes by December 2020 or early 2021. Like most other shows on the streamer, V Wars may follow an annual release pattern as well.

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