No Game No Life Season 2: All Rumours Debunked & 2019 Release Date

No Game No Life season 2
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  1. nomad_otsp says:

    Just an interesting piece of information that also confirms Madhouse’s intent to continue the series is that in the jan-mar cour of 2018, the anime they produced (Sora yori mo Tooi Basho) contains backgroud adverts to no game no life (this is about half a year after the release of the movie). I don’t believe these would be used (multiple times within the first two episodes) if there were not a definite plan to release a second season.

    1. drgengu says:

      this was them actually reminding us so we will eternally remember that we are never getting a sequel

  2. Emperor R says:

    Thanks for telling me i’m waiting

  3. @Fly says:

    lol early 2019….

  4. nogamenolife4ever says:

    i look for a season 2 of this anime every time im on my laptop… i love it! but i hate the wait :(. there was another article saying the season 2 was cancelled due to plagarism allegations…. is this true or not? im confused .. theres just so little news about this anime :'( please tell me it isnt cancelled…. i really want to see a season 2! but when i read that it was cancelled… i started crying :'(

  5. JadianRadiator says:

    “work together having fun instead.”*

  6. Anime Fan says:

    I don’t think we ever get season 2