Spice and Wolf Season 3: What Creators are Saying about a New Season?

Spice and Wolf season 3

“Spice and Wolf” is an anime is based on a Japanese light novel series of the same name by Isuna Hasekura. Ever since the second season completed, fans of the anime are requesting for the “Spice and Wolf” Season 3. The story is about trading goods and it has a lot of dialogues regarding trade, bartering, negotiation and trading information. In June 2016, the ASCII media work informed with the news that another volume of novel series is under production which is giving fans hope that there may be Spice and Wolf Season 3.

The anime is the adaptation of the light novel of the same name which revolves around Kraft Lawrence, who is a merchant willing to earn enough money to start his own shop. One night he finds a wolf-deity named Holo in his wagon. Holo is 600-year-old but takes the form of a 15-year-old girl with wolf tail and ears. She asks and convinces Lawrence to take her with him to the world espionage and finally to her home. While traveling Holo’s wisdom helps Lawrence, to gain profit in trades.

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“Spice and Wolf” is a show which takes a little time to explain things to convince the audience to believe the situation and plotline. Lawrence and Horo are the only main characters of the show, therefore, the story didn’t become too complex or too clumsy. It was said by some fans that the producers of the anime will be testing the response of fans with OVA episodes of the anime. If the response to those episodes is good enough, then they will start working on the new story for the “Spice and Wolf”. Most of the animes are continued only if the light novels, manga and the OVA episodes are able to do convincing business and motivate producers to work on a sequel.

Spice and Wolf season 3

Till date, two of the “Spice and Wolf” novels are released. The first novel consists of 10 volumes with 4-6 chapters each and the second novel has 9 volumes. Every episode of the anime series consists the story of one volume of the novel. Therefore by a new volume of the novel series, the anime creators will get enough content for Spice and Wolf Season 3.

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In February 2016, author of the spice and wolf light novel, Isuna Hasekura, released a statement saying that he is working on another volume of the light novel which will be released on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the series. After that, a new novel with two more volumes released by the name of ‘Wolf and Parchment’ in 2017. The English version of the novel series is yet to be released thus, for now, there is very less info available about the new novel series.

Will there be a Spice and Wolf Season 3 or not?

Although the show creator has content for the Spice and Wolf Season 3 with the third novel of Spice and Wolf (in progress) but still in an interview Isuna Hasekura, the author of the anime showed disinterest in making Spice and Wolf Season 3. Fans have asked the creators for the new season and have even started a petition for it but currently, it is still unclear that Spice and Wolf Season 3 will take place or not.