’90 Day Fiance’: Ashley and Fernanda Brutally Body Shaming Larissa

90 Day Fiance

On Sunday’s episode, Larissa, Ashley, and Fernanda were a part of some mean girls drama both on the show and on the backstage of 90 Day Fiance. Since her arrest, Larissa has been in the news for a while and is connected to some controversy. She faced an extensive amount of hate from Ashley and Fernanda when they started body shaming her on the set. Fortunately, the situation backstage became clear when the cameras captured the mean girls’ outburst. This left the viewers stunned. The harsh comments are hard to ignore and have fired up fans from all over the world.

90 Day Fiance Couples Already Against Larissa

When it comes to tuning in with other participants, Larissa is the last name that comes to the mind. She has been in the bad books of her co-stars for a considerable amount of time. With the two women calling out Larissa in terms of physique, it is clear that the cast doesn’t get along. Moreover, the wrath of her other co-stars was evident when she arrived late with Colt on the set.

The other couples were waiting in the backstage area. That is when Ashley and Fernanda ganged up against her. It started with a hint of body shaming. Even Asuelu Pulaa, one of the quietest and most reserved candidates on the show couldn’t refrain himself from poking fun at Larissa.

The skit when Pulaa presented flowers to Larissa was basically just a way of making fun of her. It was based on the incident that when Larissa first landed in the US, she threw quite a tantrum when Colt didn’t arrive on time with flowers. Asuelu did the same way before the couple came on the set that day.

What Exactly Happened When The Couple Arrived?

Sparks flew when the most controversial 90 Day Fiance couple arrived on stage. Fernanda brutally made fun of Larissa’s accent. She wasted no time in refraining herself, and straightaway pointed out at her pronunciations. Evidently, Fernanda also mocked her for some specific word she pronounces differently. Although this might seem a bit out of line considering that she also has a different accent.

90 Day Fiance: The Deadly Body Shaming incident

Fernanda stated that despite Larissa wanting to be in the modeling career, her body doesn’t do justice to it. Moreover, she is too old to be following that path. This ignited something in Ashley which further gave rise to some more body shaming gossips. Ashley had been giving out comments on Larissa’s body in relation to the incident when Colt was shacking up with other women on Tinder.

Both of them called her stupid because of her jealousy traits. It is a bit ironic considering that Fernanda has been exhibiting similar behavior herself. Once she was out with Jonathan, and her jealous outrage resulted in a fight with another woman. Her significant other also warned her that it could affect her getting a green card.

What do you think is going to happen in the second part of the Sunday episode? Stay tuned for the real mean girls’ drama!

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