’90 Day Fiance’: Ashley Collapsed Due to Kidney Failure, Where is Jay?

90 Day Fiance

After a sudden medical crisis, the 90 Day Fiance star Ashley has been in the hospital for a couple of days. Being found unresponsive in her room left fans and close ones panic-stricken. Despite the hospitalization, there was no sign of her husband, Jay. Well, until now, when he suddenly decided to hop on a plane and pay a visit to his wife.

The news of Ashley’s unresponsive state emerged in the headlines just before the finale was about to air. The reason stated behind the medical crisis is kidney failure. However, the star regained her consciousness while resting in her hospital bed.

90 Day Fiance News: Jay Absent While Ashley In ICU

The biggest question surrounding fans was that where was Jay Smith when his wife Ashley Martson was in the ICU? The tight-lipped behavior of the couple regarding their relationship status further increases the confusion. Ashley’s friend clicked pictures of her being unconscious and uploaded them on social media. Interestingly, there was no sign of Jay being present there.

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I’m sorry if this photo offends anyone but I will not hide that I’m sick. If I can help one person with lupus then posting this is worth it. I was found unresponsive this morning at my home. The Ambulance took me to the hospital where it was found that I am in acute kidney failure due to lupus. I will begin dialysis shortly. I will not let this beat me. I know I’m strong enough to battle through this,not just for myself but for my kids. I will be transferred to another hospital this evening that is better equipped. Please pray for myself and my family as I know it’s going to be a very tough road ahead for all of us. Thank you for your continuous support and prayers #ashley #lupus #kidneyfailure #90dayfiance #tlc

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When the couple showed up on the tell-all episode, a split seemed to be coming soon. Ashley said that it might not be possible for her to be with Jay after his cheating activities on Tinder. In December, there were several posts on Jay’s Instagram account that hinted a split. It seemed that the two parted ways finally. But the recent incident of Jay not thinking twice before hopping on a plane to see Ashley in the hospital has again puzzled the fans.

Jay Smith Is Finally There For Wife Ashley

When Ashley collapsed, Jay wasn’t there for her. But as soon as he heard the news of her wife’s illness, he didn’t think for a second before hopping on a plane to see her. In his post, he added that he might not have been the best husband, but he loves her and is always there for her. He also expressed gratitude over the fact that Ashley allowed him to remain by her side during her ill-health.

The recent picture suggests that Jay is in the hospital for some emotional support to Ashley. However the duration of Ashley’s hospitalization and how long Jay is going to stay there is still not clear.

90 Day Finance: Ashley Updates Fans On Her Medical Situation

Ashley conveyed to her fans that she has been diagnosed with acute kidney failure. She vows that she won’t let her medical condition defeat her and that she is going to stay strong. Ashley is supposed to undergo dialysis soon. She posted the updates on Sunday when the star finally got a chance to turn to her Instagram.

A Humble Request For Fans

Ashley requests her fans to refrain from posting any negative comments for a while. She clearly states that any kicking, while she is already down, would deeply hurt her. One of her friends has set up a GoFundMe account for helping Ashley pay her medical bills.


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