90 Day Fiance: Ashley Is Thankful To Jay! BOTOX Treatment Confession

90 Day Fiance

When we speak of controversies, fans can’t go by without mentioning 90 Day Fiance stars Jay and Ashley. They have been the center of attention since the commencement of the sixth season of 90 Day Fiance. The Jamaican playboy fell in love with Ashley when she was on a trip. They tied the knot while the show was going on but then the rough patch began. Jay registered on a dating site and Ashley found out that he is a womanizer.

For fans, their marriage was almost over due to Jay’s cheating behavior. But then they got caught deceiving the fans and things went splitsville. Jay was found snooping in her apartment when the couple announced they are not together anymore. Moreover, it was them who leaked the wedding photos. Fans caught Jay red-handed when he came live from the wrong account.

Jay’s Response To Ashley’s Health Issues

All the lies and cheating aside, one thing we can vouch for now is that Jay is a caring husband who is responsible to his wife. Ashley thanks Jay for being a saint during her lupus journey. Whenever she has been hospitalized, Jay has been there cheering her on and helping Ashley get through this difficult time. Ashley mentioned that it is difficult for Jay to see her like this. He is being strong for both of them.

Ashley has seen a completely new version of Jay since her surgery. He has been extremely responsible and is taking care of everything in Ashley’s absence. She has been hospitalized twice and Jay has always been there.

Ashley’s Surgery For Keeping Her Skin Youthful

Ashley is quite concerned about her physical appearance and has gone under the knife to maintain the same. Recently in an interview with Radar Online, she confessed about her Botox to conceal her wrinkles. Along with that she also went for lip fillers as her upper lip is thinner than her lower lip. Jay admitted that he is not a fan of Ashley trying to modify her appearance. But since she is his wife, she has the right to do what she wants to. This statement is a mature one from his side, considering Jay’s age and his recent activities.

Ashley is facing an unfortunate disease where the body’s immune system starts attacking the organs. This can also result in organ failure and cause the patient immense discomfort. If we disregard Jay’s initial behavior and the couple’s deceitful attitude towards the fans for a moment, it is safe to assume that the couple shares a strong relationship. They care about each other and wish the best for one another.

Initially, the duo wasn’t going to be on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After. But recently, they have confirmed that they are going to make appearances on the show. How do you think it’s going to portray Jay and Ashley? Will the fans see an improved mature relationship? Let us know what you think about this controversial couple in the comments below.

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