’90 Day Fiance’: Jonathan Buying Alcohol For Fernanda Ignites Child Bride Talks

90 Day Fiance

The 90 Day Fiance contestant Jonathan Rivera has been in the news for the famous child bride jokes and hated comments. It seems like the star doesn’t know how to put an end to hatred. He further ignited the debate by buying alcohol for Fernanda who is underage at present. As it is, him marrying a teenager is not going well with a huge section of the show’s cast as well as with the audience.

Despite his efforts, the never-ending accusations continued. Moreover, the issue of alcohol seems to be well documented in the form of pictures.

90 Day Fiance

Jonathan Rivera: Fernanda Flores Is Not a Child Bride

Things really got heated up fast between Colt and Jonathan when Fernanda called out Larissa on the famous Twitter feud. The ladies got their significant others involved pretty soon, and things took an ugly turn.

The two couples have been facing intense hatred lately. When Larissa and Colt got the opportunity, they hit hard where they know it could pinch the most. They fired back in the most daunting way which caused Jonathan to keep mum afterward.

Colt Johnson Says Jonathan Bought a Bride

At some point, Jonathan implied that he was getting Fernanda groomed to be his significant other. This gave Colt the advantage in the heated situation, and he fired up as aggressively as he could. In the Twitter feud, Colt accused Jonathan of paying for a wife who is 16 years old.

When Jonathan had an argument with Fernanda on the show, he implied that he was paying for her luxuries. Colt again took the same in his favor and won the big bad war of words.

Although Jonathan seems to deny all the child bride accusations when. He says that when the two of them met, Fernanda was of legal age. Although there isn’t a shortage of people who smell a rat when it comes to the couple’s timeline of events.

90 Day Fiance: Jonathan Working Out The Math For Accusors

When Jonathan found that he was unable to prove his point, he turned to good old math for some aid. When he made all the calculations and presented Fernanda’s birth date and year along with the day he proposed, he tried to prove his point.

The post is not live anymore on social media. It stated that he knew Fernanda since 4th August 2016. She was born on 8th April 1998. This makes her 18 years old when the two finally met. He also mentioned that he proposed to her 4 months after they met.

By using the hashtag #whenyoudothemathright, Jonathan is indirectly taking a shot at Colt’s accusation. He simultaneously gives himself the clean chit. Now, this is what we call hitting two birds with one stone!

90 Day Fiance: Fernanda’s Underage Drinking Frowned Upon

Fernanda posted a picture holding a glass of beer at the age of 19-20 which is technically against the law. This has been raising question marks on Jonathan.

With Jonathan’s mom against the relationship and Fernanda’s dad welcoming the couple with open arms, things seem a bit rocky. Their recent spat indicates that the wide age gap might be the reason behind the challenges.

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