90 Day Fiance: Larissa Responds To Fans’ Questions and Rumors

90 Day Fiance

The 90 Day Fiance couple Larissa and Colt are all over the entertainment buzz because of their ugly split. With the court proceedings in place, fans can’t help speculating Larissa’s pregnancy. The Brazilian reality TV star was responding to some of her fans questions recently. Out of the blue, one of the fans directly posed the question of her pregnancy. Take a look at what Larissa has to say to her fans! Here are the questions posed by fans and Larissa’s answers.

1. Do you prefer good looks or money?

When a fan asked Larissa about her preference in men, she decided to opt for a wise answer. She clearly wants her man to have a good character. According to her, anything else is just a bonus.

90 Day Fiance Larissa

2. How Does Your Brazilian Family Feel About Your Circumstances?

I am glad that I talk to my family every day. The decision of not exposing who they are is something I consider right.

After being broke for quite some time, moral support from the family goes a long way. Even though Larissa’s family is far away, she is in touch with them. Fans don’t know who they are but they have got her back.

3. Do you wear eyelash extensions? If not, which is your preferred mascara brand?

I don’t wear eyelash extensions. I use mascara from Maybelline and fake eyelashes from Ardelle beauty.

4. Which is your preferred makeup brand?

I mostly use drugstore brands. However, the one and only expensive product I own is the foundation from Estee Lauder.

Of course, we know that Colt hasn’t left Larissa with enough to buy much other than lunch!

90 Day Fiance

5. Are you Carrying Colt’s child?

Despite the split, Larissa’s pregnancy has been a topic of discussion among fans. When one of the viewers asked whether she is carrying a child, she showed a picture of herself clad in a bikini. “9 Months”, she said. And her stomach was flat. The trimmed tummy said it all!

6. How Long You Have been Friends With Carmen?

Yes, we have known each other since 2009.

Larissa is currently living with Carmen in her apartment. This friendship is certainly something we can vouch for!

7. Isn’t It a Bit Too Early to be in Love Again?

If your husband has been cheating on you for quite a few months, then no. I haven’t got any attention from my husband for a long time. It’s not too early to get back out there for me.

The turmoil between the couple has been going on for quite some time. In December, Larissa even accused Colt of cheating on her. She revealed screenshots of him flirting with another woman. In a February 3rd update, she said that Colt hasn’t been loyal to her for months.

8. Do you think foreigners are the target for advantage by reality shows? Is it ethically correct?

The reality shows decide who they want to portray as the villain. The editing is done accordingly.

Of course, ethically, it’s not correct. But all TV shows want massive TRP. Moreover, they make the contestants sign a contract beforehand in order to avoid any issues later on.

9. Why do you have pictures of Colt and you together on your Instagram account? Are you guys still a thing?

I don’t manage my Instagram account anymore.

As we all already know, both Larissa and Colt agree on one thing. They should definitely split up. Their joy is clear by the parties both threw after the split was confirmed.

90 Day Fiance

10. What Do You Think of Leida Being an Evil Stepmother?

She has always treated me well. I am no one to comment on her personal life.

As we all know, Leida and Eric are facing issues of their own. Leida is being portrayed as the evil stepmother. But again, since she hasn’t caused Larissa any harm at a personal level, why would she attack her anyway?

11. What Happened to Those Kittens You Adopted?

They did not give back my stuff. Why would they give me my kittens back?

All the money the couple earned from the show is in Debbi and Colt’s joint account. Even Larissa’s wedding dress and some other stuff she owns is with them.

12. Do You Like Your Portrayal on the 90 Day Fiance?

I am not ashamed about anything I did. I am as real as I can be and I’m proud of it.

The reality of reality shows is always under question. The producers portray what they deem fit for the profits. Editing and retakes are a common part of reality TV filming.

13. Would You Appear for Another 90 Day Fiance Season?

I have already finished filming 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After in the early days of December 2018.

Earlier, there were speculations about her appearing in 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After. As she has confirmed herself, this is a good news for her fans as they will get to see more of Larissa in Happily Ever After.

90 Day Fiance

14. What do you Advise People Going Through Domestic Violence?

All I have to say is to get out of that situation as early as possible. Domestic violence can surely take a toll on someone’s physical and emotional health. Ging away from the turmoil and moving on is something that can make the entire process easier.

Embracing A New Chapter

All well that ends well. This seems to be the case with Colt and Larissa. We don’t know what’s going to be the court’s final decision. But since the 90 Day Fiance couple has moved on from their past, we are definitely not going to hear them pine over each other!

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