‘Little People Big World’ Season 20: Tori Tensed About Lilah Having Water In Her Brain, Fate Of Farm

Little People Big World

In the preview video of the Little People Big World Season 20, we can get a glimpse into what we are going to see in the upcoming episodes. Tori and Zach have their little baby girl, Amy gets engaged, and so on. Let’s take a detailed look at this.

Little People Big World: Tori Tensed About Lilah

Tori goes to her doctor for an ultrasound. She says that the baby’s head is big and confirms that she also has dwarfism. On her way back from the hospital to home, Tori is worried about both her kids. When Lilah is born, the doctors tell her that she has water in her brain which further stresses her out. In one scene, we can see Tori breaking down into tears and Amy comforting her.

Jackson Has a Little Sister, Amy Engaged


In the first scene of the clip, we see Jackson playing cheerfully. It seemed like he was ready to welcome his baby sister with open arms. When Tori went into labor, she gave her husband a call. Lilah’s birth seems beautiful and we see Amy crying tears of joy. But when they bring her home, Tori can see that Lilah is in pain which causes her to stress out. 

Another scene shows Chris expressing his love for Amy and finally getting down on one knee to propose to her. She later reveals the news to Tori and Zach who seem shocked. In the meantime, she is stressed out about not having a new place to live. Of course, we now know that she has found her dream home. But it would be interesting to watch how she got there. 

Matt and Amy At Odds Over The Fate of The Farm

Matt asks Amy what she intends to do with her share of the farmland. He wants to purchase it but Amy is taking her time. He calls her indecisive while she thinks he is being too pushy. In one scene, we can also see Matt’s new girlfriend telling him that she feels like he is still married to Amy.


Amy is hesitant about saying goodbye to the farm. After all, she has been a part of the Roloff farms for the past 30 years. But Matt is keenly interested in buying her portion of the farm and keeps on insisting. 

Happy Ending For The Little People Big World Cast

As we can see from the recent social media activities of the Little People Big World stars, they have left the chaos behind and are embracing life to the best. Amy and Chris have their new home, Lilah and Jackson seem fine, and Matt and Cary are also taking their relationship forward. 

For fans who are waiting for Amy and Chris to tie the knot, Amy has cleared the air by revealing that it’s not going to happen this year as she has a lot on her plate. Watch Little People Big World Season 20 premiere on TLC on Tuesday, March 31 at 9/8c!