Love After Lockup Deleted Scene: Tracie Avoiding An Arrest

Love After Lockup

For some people, breaking the jail cycle is not as easy as others. Love After Lockup star Tracie is certainly one of them. Apparently, crimes don’t seem to leave her side, and the claws of law are constantly after her. She didn’t make an exception even on her wedding day. When she tied the knot with Clint, a deleted scene reveals that she avoided what seemed to be a narrow arrest. What is the truth behind the deleted scene? Let’s find out!

Love After Lockup: Tracy Down To The Wire

Due to the lack of appropriate paperwork at the right time, Tracie had to check in to the payroll office. Clint tries his best to get her there before it closes. If somehow, she wouldn’t have done it before the office closed, the doors of the prison would have once again opened for her.

The deleted promo scene of Love Lockup indicates that she got spared only in a matter of a few minutes. It seems that the reality star got lucky this time. It was the day when the couple had planned to get married. An arrest on the same day would have created a massive kink in the plan.

However, as fans already know, this wasn’t Tracie’s last encounter with the law. Recently after the couple got married, she took his car for scoring drugs.

Love After Lockup: What Is The Thing With Tracie And The Law?

Scraping with the law is something that Tracie has been involved with for a long time. She admits that her tendency to violate the laws has brought her into this messed up situation. Even on probation, she doesn’t seem to behave herself. The federal prison has served her for about six and a half years during which she had been in and out.

Things got even worse when Clint visited her in prison after she was arrested for scoring drugs. The fact that stirs up their lives is that she knows about her tendencies of staying in trouble. She really has a hard time keeping herself out of legal trouble. This certainly raises one question. How will she able to build a new life with her Love After Lockup husband Clint if this continues?

What Is Clint And Tracie’s Current Situation?

Tracie has an Instagram account on which she hasn’t posted anything recently. Her Facebook profile shows that she is employed as a reality show star. During her time for filming for Love After Lockup, Tracie has undergone a major weight loss. This might be an indication that the reality TV personality is back to using drugs.

According to the couple’s Facebook status, the relationship between the couple is still intact. But if Tracie is not able to control her violating tendencies, it is just a matter of time things start to go south. What do you think is the fate of this Love After Lockup Couple? Let us know in the comments below.