Meri’s Puerto Rico Vacation Without ‘Sister Wives’ And Husband Kody

Sister Wives

Sister Wives star Meri Brown’s trip to the Caribbean islands has stirred up the drama in Kody’s patriarchial family. Her sudden solo Puerto Rico trip tells us that she is having an amazing ‘me time’ in the tropical destination. Meri took to Instagram to share her recent snapshot with the sky and cool blue water.

The interesting fact is that like always, her husband Kody and sister wives Janelle, Christine, and Robyn are not on her sides. She is also looking forward to the cruise travels in the upcoming week. Now, on the outside, this just seems like a way to blow off some steam. But could this newly found lifestyle indicate something more? Let’s take a look.

Is Meri Still Into The Whole Sister Wives Concept?

Earlier, when the entire Sister Wives family decided to move from Vegas to Flagstaff, Meri refused. The reason she gave for staying behind was prior commitments. But now, after her sudden solo trip to the tropical destination, she might be on to hinting something else. Kody asked her whether she feels all this is still okay to which she replied dwelling up, “You want me to be honest?” Kody also mentioned that it feels like the family is moving on without her.

“Whatever”, this was Meri’s exact reply. It does seem cold coming from someone who has agreed to be in a polygamous family. Perhaps Meri feels like she is being dragged along and not given chances to rise on her own. She revealed that she is not willing to leave the family. But she is going to stay behind in Vegas due to prior commitments.

Fans Encouraging Meri’s Choices

Fans seem to be proud of the first wife’s decision to take a break from the tiresome family situations and enjoy some time off. Fans are happy that she is not letting anyone drag her down. One user says that Meri is the only sister wife who is normal. Another fan tells her that she looks peaceful and happy. He also tells her to get some quality relaxation. One of the followers also points out that the family doesn’t deserve her. The smile she has in the picture never comes when the Brown family is around.

Another commentator added that she has been looking elated since she found her own life. This is inspiring. She has been using the #BecauseICan hashtag for quite some time while uploading her pictures on Instagram. This month, she added one more to the list, that is, #IndependantWoman. When the cameras are not rolling, it is hard to predict what is going on in the family. But if we take Meri’s Instagram to be any clue, the rest of the family doesn’t play a major role in her lifestyle.

Do you think Meri’s trip is just a way to unwind and embrace some me time? Or is she beginning to realize that she is better off without the rest of the Brown clan? Let us know what you think in the comments below.