Sister Wives: Kody Opens Up About His Loneliness, Are Fans Convinced?

Sister Wives

Sister Wives star Kody Brown is certainly not happy with Christine Brown and Meri Brown vacationing on cruises without him. He makes his feelings perfectly clear in a tweet that says fun for them and loneliness for him. As a part of LuLaRoe’s annual trip, they are on a cruise trip to Puerto Rico. Consultants who earn a certain amount of money are entitled to this tour. Meri tagged LuLaRoe indicating that this trip was a part of her working with the company. Christine shared an update earlier about the cruise.

Sister Wives News: Fans Are Not Sympathetic Towards Kody

Even though the Brown patriarch took to Twitter to express his concerns and convey how lonely he feels, fans weren’t exactly sympathetic for him. Most of his followers pointed out that he has many other people to give him company. One of the followers pointed out that he has over 18 kids and two other wives to keep him company. Another one pointed out the massive size of the family and how a person can possibly feel lonely with that big of a family.

Sister Wives Meri And Christine On The Same Cruise

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Getting dropped off by my girls because I’m going on a cruise!!!’ Woop woop #llrcruise #mybabies #ipushedthemoutifmywomb

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Even though Christine Brown and Meri Brown are on the same cruise, they don’t seem to be spending time with each other. Meri has been updating fans via her Instagram stories and posts. There is no mention of Christine on any of them. One of the pictures she posted showed the Puerto Rico beach. Immediately, fans started to applaud the step she took. Most of them were glad that she took some time off the large family and relaxed. Some pointed it out that she never looks so happy with the entire family. One fan wrote in the comments that the Brown family doesn’t deserve her.

Sister Wives: Kody Going Behind His Wives’ Back

When Kody decided to go ahead with a housing project in which he planned for the entire family to stay together, he knew that a lot of resentment was about to come. He mentioned that his wives don’t even want to share a kitchen with each other, let alone a house. Kody also knew that they might be tempted to leave. Even then, he went ahead with his idea of building a separate home for all of them to live together as a family.

There was a time when Janelle got a little uneasy to accepting her husband’s and Meri’s romantic relationship. When Kody was supposed to spend time with Janelle, he chose to be with Meri, and that freaked her out. As a result, Jenelle started to distance herself from Kody physically.

The situation of Sister Wives’ stars is already critical. The entire concept as it is seems to be walking on eggshells. Moreover, with two wives gone on their own trip, Kody is feeling uneasy, and he has made this quite clear. What do you think is the fate of this puzzling family? Let us know in the comments below.