Sister Wives Update: The Family’s Move To Arizona, Is Robyn Pregnant?

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As Sister Wives progresses, there has been some interesting updates on the lives of the Brown family. Their move from Las Vegas to Flagstaff Arizona has been finalized. Finally, the Brown family is in Flagstaff! Even though they haven’t moved to their permanent residences yet, it is interesting to know that they are together in one town. Currently, they have rented a few places and a commercial building. In the future, they plan to move to their permanent residences in close quarters.

Kody Opens Up About The Family Moving To Arizona

Kody mentioned that he loved their life in Vegas and there was absolutely nothing wrong with it. They are all just excited to embark upon a new adventure in Flagstaff, Arizona. The slower pace of the lifestyle and the beauty of nature is what enticed them the most. They are looking forward to indulging themselves in the mountain views and the scenic beauty of the place. They are looking forward to living in a cooler temperature.

Their combined purchase for the new property is 15 acres of land costing $820,000. During the time their place is fully ready, they are going to have to face some minor troubles here and there.

What Meri And Robyn From Sister Wives Have To Say About The Big Move

Meri is a huge fan of spending time amidst nature and mountains, she opens up about how much she missed being able to go to the mountain while living in Utah. She is super excited about what the road ahead of her is about to bring. Robyn, on the other hand, is encountering some adorable wildlife in her backyard. Recently, she posted a snap of a deer who she luckily had the chance to come close to.

Sister Wives News: Is Robyn Carrying a Child?

Considering how Robyn is sitting, walking and what she is wearing, fans couldn’t help but speculate that she might be pregnant. Kendra Pollard-Parra reveals that the footage is old and now Robyn doesn’t look the way she looks in those videos. She has had her fair share of difficult pregnancies and she might be done expanding the Brown family. Moreover, with Kody on the hunt for his new wife, it is highly unlikely that he might want to have another child with Robyn right away.

Another fact that one of Robyn’s close friends revealed that she is not as healthy as it is required to bear a child. Her advancing age and some extra weight on her body might make a healthy pregnancy difficult. The Brown family is moving to Arizona and it is at a higher altitude. This can also aggravate Robyn’s breathing issues and make the pregnancy a complicated one.

What do you think the future holds for the ever-expanding Brown family? Even though Robyn’s pregnancy is not confirmed, it is safe to assume that an unexpected surprise might make its way through the patriarchy. Let us know what you think in the comments below.