‘The Bachelor’: Real Reason Why Cassie Broke It Off With Colton!

The Bachelor

One of the latest news that is making the headlines of ‘The Bachelor’ in the entertainment world is Colton and Cassie’s break up. Normally, girls are fawning over our handsome hunk of this bachelor. But somehow, the charm failed to have an effect as profound to bind Cassie to the charisma and something led her to call it quits with Colton. We only know what the show portrayed of their breakup. There is so much more that is hidden from fans. Let us take a look at the real reason why Cassie broke up with Colton.

The Bachelor: Why Cassie Is Behaving The Way She Is

Even though she was one of the favorite girls and Colton felt a special connection, Cassie was behaving in a weird way. Colton somehow believed in her but it just didn’t seem to do the job for her. To the viewers, it looked like Cassie didn’t have any interest left in Colton and his pursuit.

Cassie Stated She Is Not Ready To Be In a Relationship

After the breakup, Colton somehow convinced Cassie to go on another date with him to Portugal. But Cassie replied to the offer with some apprehensions of her own. She mentioned that she wasn’t ready for a relationship. And as far as a proposal is concerned, that is out of the question.

Cassie’s Interview Resolving The Confusion

Now, you must be thinking that when Cassie is so not ready for any sort of commitment, why is she on the show? In an interview, she resolves the puzzling scenario by clearly explaining how she feels now and what her intentions were when she decided to be a part of the show. When she looks back, she feels that she hasn’t been entirely clear with Colton. Cassie had no idea how little time she is going to get to make all these big decisions.

Cassie mentioned that she joined the show with the intention of getting engaged. But now she feels that this is all happening way too soon for her. She also says that she needs time to think and analyze her situation.

Cassie And Colton’s Initial Communication Issues

When the couple first interacted with each other, the problem of miscommunication was in the air. It was clear that Colton was unable to select the right questions to spring on. Moreover, Cassie was having a hard time speculating and making anticipations. Having unable to articulate her feelings, Cassie was unable to tell Colton that she was falling in love with Colton. She is regretful of not doing a good job answering the questions.

Colt appreciates Cassie’s bold move and says that not a lot of people are able to do what she did. It is certainly not easy.

Do you think Cassie could have controlled all the damage if she would have answered with an honest heart? Let us know in the comments below.


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