General Hospital Spoilers: Murder Mystery, Shiloh Kidnap Wiley

General Hospital Spoilers

According to General Hospital Spoilers, Shiloh Archer will still be making new enemies. While creating troubles with the already existing ones. The storyline will change in such a manner that his behavior will continue to get darker over the next few weeks.

With his bond with Kristina Corinthos deepening, she will find herself in danger. And will get pretty tough for people to save her.

General Hospital Spoilers: Oscar Nero Reaches Out to Shiloh

Spoilers say that Oscar Nero will reach out to Shiloh regarding any alternative treatments which will keep Drew Cain and Dr. Kim Nero in Shiloh’s circle. Meanwhile, Cameron Webber is unsure about the turn of events so he will step up for Oscar with Josslyn Jack’s help. As the spoilers say, there is also a chance that the entire teen group could be a part of this. Daisy Kwan and Margaux Dawson will also be a member of the scene. As soon as Sonny Corinthos returns home from Turkey, he will be sucked into the drama as well. In order to find solutions, Sonny and Alexis will team up. But who knows if they will be able to find what they are looking for or not?

It turns out that Shiloh is actually Willow Tait’s “baby daddy”. So, if it true that Shiloh is actually the real Wiley Cooper-Jones’ father then there will be a lot of drama related to the baby swap plot. This also includes Brad Cooper and Michael Corinthos. Brad, Julian, Nelle, and Liesl know that Willow’s baby passed away within a few hours of Brad getting him home from the hospital. But if Shiloh is unaware of this and thinks that his baby is living with Brad and Lucas then he might do something unexpected and careless.

General Hospital Spoilers: A Cult Indoctrinates Molly

As it turns out, Molly tells Kristina that she is indoctrinated by a cult. And, the leaders of the cult wishes to claim ownership of their endeavors. And, one way to do this branding people with tattoos. Since Daisy, Harmony as one, fans come to know that Willow as one too. This indicates that she was a part of Dawn of Day during some point. Now she is doing everything she can to hide from the evil Shiloh. And, this could also be the reason why she gave her baby away.

It does not make much sense for Dawn of Day to hold rallies in a small town like Port Charles. Since we are at it, we still don’t understand how Willow and Shiloh have not run into each other. Given the fact that she is met everyone whom she thinks is her “baby”. Moreover, as the GH spoilers suggest, Harmony could change the storyline by turning against Shiloh. Stay tuned to TV Season Spoilers for latest General Hospital Spoilers and updates.