General Hospital Spoilers: Oscar’s Condition Gets Worse, Dante Faces the Truth

General Hospital Spoilers

According to General Hospital Spoilers, Oscar Nero and his loved ones will prepare for the worst as some painful discussions are on its way. It turns out that Oscar’s tumor has grown and he only has few weeks to live. Monica will also step up to lend a helping hand during such a difficult time.

Moreover, GH spoilers tease that Nina Elizabeth, kids and the loved ones will have an argument over Aiden’s exclusion. At the same time, Anna will turn up to meet some stressful developments in the plot head-on.

GH Spoilers: Dante Faces the Truth

Since Dante has been suffering from PTSD, he has not been taking things well. He is haunted by dreams of completing his mission which involves shooting Lulu in the end. It seems that his dreams are really disturbing him and he is no longer comfortable in his skin. With scars on his back, Dante is a changed person and is keeping to himself at the moment.

Now, he has to re-evaluate whether he belongs to home or not. Stakes are pretty high, and things could go wrong from worse for him. He comes forward and shares that he has been brainwashed and don’t know what to do with his life anymore.

General Hospital Spoilers: Oscar’s Condition Gets Worse

In the past, Monica had a word with Drew regarding Oscar’s condition and seeing the present scenario, it seems that she will do so again. She will convey Kim and Drew that all of them need to start preparing for his end. Needless to say, everyone will be utterly sad and will have a tough time handling their grief. Moreover, Oscar will share this piece of information with Cameron. Although the two didn’t get along so well in the past they have bonded over time.

It is pretty painful because Cameron became friends with him and enjoyed his company and now it seems that the two will have to bid farewell to each other. GH Spoilers say that Oscar also wants to talk to Cameron because he is concerned about Joss. He wants Cam to step in when he’s gone. Nero wants Cam to be around Joss when everyone is grieving. And, he hopes that should the friendship go down a step ahead, the two will have his permission.

General Hospital Spoilers: Monica Will Open her Home to Special Guests

As the spoilers suggest, Monica will make way for special guests at her place. This suggests that she might ask Kim and Oscar to stay at the Quartermaine mansion. She wants the teen to spend his last days there, giving the family some time to spend together and getting all the help they need during this tough time. But the question is, will Oscar actually die? Or, will there be a last-minute miracle, saving Oscar?

If we look at it by the story perspective, his death will open up a lot of avenues especially for Kim and Drew along with Cameron and Josslyn. If he passes away, Jax will return to Port Charles as soon as possible because Ingo Rademacher will be back as Jasper Jacks is quitting the show soon enough.

What will happen with Dante and Oscar? Till then, stay tuned to TV Season Spoilers for latest General Hospital Spoilers and updates.

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