Another ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Crossover to Thrill Fans

The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead Crossover

Fear The Walking Dead will witness another character from The Walking Dead and its red-hot confirmed. After the recent scenarios in The Walking Dead Universe, it was quite anticipated that a crossover would happen in the upcoming season of Fear The Walking Dead.

However, this time, the crossover between The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead will be a threat for the existing characters. Yes! We are talking about entrance of another villain in the Season 5 of Fear The Walking Dead. Both of the series have ensured a stronger party on the enemy side as The Walking Dead Universe has got Whisperers and now, Fear The Walking Dead will be getting a new villain too.

Who Is Coming To Fear The Walking Dead?

The accusations of TWD’s character “Dwight” coming to Fear The Walking Dead started floating on the surface. Austin Amelio who portrays the role of Dwight on Dead made no delay to put a post on Instagram for the confirmation.

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Amelio posted a video on Instagram for the confirmation of this Crossover. This video is a compilation of some nasty deeds of Dwight. In the end, there was a message which gave chills to the viewers of both the Fear and Dead series. The message read: Welcome to the Family. Love, Fear the Walking Dead.

This message stands for the new difficulties and challenges Morgan Jones is going to face in the upcoming Season of the Series. The character of Lennie James entered into Fear the last season. His rivalry with Dwight is apparent, and series creators didn’t want to miss any opportunity to create an increase in the existing drama in Fear The Walking Dead Season 5.

Who Is Dwight? – Crossover Of The Walking Dead Universe

Dwight was second in command in “The Saviors” a group of survivors led by Negan. Saviors wrench nearby neighborhoods for their supplies in trade for protection against zombies.

However, Dwight abhors Negan for holding his wife Sherry over him. Due to this reason, Dwight becomes a double agent for Rick Grimes against Negan.

Dwight and Daryl are enemies since Dwight betrayed Daryl. When Daryl was trying to escape Dwight, Sherry and her sister, Tina from The Saviors along with Dixon, Dwight betray Daryl by stealing his motorcycle and crossbow. The rivalry began since then.
Dwight is trying to find his wife, Sherry. However, it appears as if he will travel to Texas and cross paths with Morgan.

Austin Himself Pitched The Idea For The Crossover

When the fact got clear that Dwight is still alive his return on the screen is much awaited for a significant role. Austin Amelio himself pitched the idea of the Crossover of Dwight from The Walking Dead to Fear The Walking Dead.

On his role in Fear The Walking Dead Season 5, Austin said that there are innumerable ways we can go with Dwight. There’s the comic book; there’s me being with the Alexandrians, and there’s Sherry’s story. So, Amelio has no idea about it, but he says that he has full confidence in the writers of the series.

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